What Would You Like Aajonus to Tell You About?

Have you ever wondered what Aajonus would say to his friends and those who consult him?

Over the last three years, Question and Answer sessions have been added to the site. These were recorded and are gradually being transcribed so they are available on the site, requiring a user name and password to view.

The requirement for anyone to ask a question was that they had read at least one of Aajonus' books.  Each person present would pay Aajonus for his time, usually #35 - 40.  These Q&A sessions were scheduled to last two hours but often went longer.  Various summaries of subjects covered are in a darker font.

His Primal Diet newsletters, available to subscribers on the WeWant2Live.com site, give a running record of his research, the direction of his efforts, occasional case histories of spectacular recoveries, etc.  He again intended these for individuals earnestly seeking health by implementing the basic discoveries and recommendations of his books, consultations, newsletters etc. These were not for casual curiosity seekers.

See below for a broad sampling of some of the subjects covered.  Emails to subscribers have been copied below although to follow the links, one would need to be a subscriber.

Hello!  A new Q&A session has been added to the

WeWant2Live.com site!  Once you have logged in, use

/2014/10/14/aajonus-qa-july-10th-2011-vital-information-and-updates/ or just put Q&A or

Vital Information in the search box. A few of the subjects that grabbed my attention are:

diminishing EMFs in hybrid & electric cars

other data about EMFs

carpal tunnel  -  the real cause

coaching someone on  the weight loss diet

quenching thirst

about water, including Gerolsteiner

keeping cool in a hot bath

info about teeth & dental treatments

Aajonus' plan for a clinic

so much more...

Have a good time with this!

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

Hello!  The transcript for the Q&A session of May 26, 2013 in San Diego is now posted and ready for viewing!  Once you have logged in, either put His Dentist in the search box or use this link /2014/09/14/aajonus-makes-a-new-recommendation-tells-us-who-his-dentist-was-and-more-in-qa-of-may-26-2013/ .

This is an amazing Q&A session.

Until now, I have not been able to tell anyone the name of the dentist Aajonus recommends in Tijuana, Mexico (because I didn't remember his name). You will find his name and the link to his website in this transcript.

Also Aajonus tells us what he would now add to the recommendations section of The Recipe for Living Without Disease.  I find this to be very important and am now personally starting each day this way.

There is much more in this transcript.  Have a good time with it and with the information you learn.

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

In memory of Aajonus, let us reflect on the opportunity we have had to cross paths with a completely unique genius.  We have been without his physical presence for a year now.  We are not completely on our own though because he left many guideposts in his books, Primal Diet Workshops, consults, Q&A sessions (which are being made available to you in written form as transcripts get completed) and friendships.

I am including one link to a video from the memorial held in Los Angeles a year ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEfnCr3rIU, and a link /2013/08/29/aajonuss-life-purpose-stated/ to a couple of written memorials and Aajonus telling his own story.

I invite you to send me whatever you would like to say along these lines – in written or video form.  These will be collected in the Optimal Ways of Living trust and may be used from time to time in various ways.  Aajonus' work IS being carried forward.  You will be hearing more details from time to time, by email.

I know for me personally many memories flood in however right at the top is my extreme excitement when I first read “How do cooked and processed foods create disease?” (pgs 171 & 172 of We Want To Live: the Primal Diet).  These few paragraphs are so simple, straightforward and true for me that right then

I knew there was one person in the endless confusion called 'nutrition' who had it right.  I still feel that way 13 years later and will the rest of my life.

I invite your reply to facilitator@wewant2live.com.

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

Hello!  A full Q&A/Workshop has been transcribed for you.  Here is the link:

/2014/07/29/raw-milk-is-safe-but-beware-of-big-commercial-milks/ .  Or once you have logged in, just put 'beware' in the search box to find it.

Also, in a very matter-of-fact way, Aajonus tells us what processes the "milk" you find in the supermarkets has been through:

/2014/07/29/qaworkshop-may-23-2010/ or just put Q&A/Workshop in the search box (once you have logged in).

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Primal Diet,

Optimal Ways of Living is compiling and releasing new products - in Aajonus' original words - to the public, to promote the benefits of the ‘Optimal Lifestyle’ in Aajonus' original words.

The first book compiled since Aajonus’ death last year is one we believe is timely and needed in our toxic world.

“Beneficial Home Baths – Therapeutic Baths to Release Toxins Naturally” is being released as an e-book very soon to the general public.  But first, it is being released within the Primal Diet community.  There are a few reasons for this:

1. We would like to get your feedback on the ebook

2.We are raising money for the initial publishing – so that the future sales can help fund the operation of the Optimal Ways of Living Trust.

3.We are counting on your referrals to help spread the word

Jim Ellingson has run the www.wewant2live.com website for years, and is working closely with the Optimal Ways of Living Trust to preserve Aajonus’ legacy by compiling a series of information products.  With over 1000 pages and over 100 hours of recorded lectures, the goal of securing and promoting this vital nutritional data - directly from Aajonus in his own words - is in our hands now.

As you are a current Annual Member of www.wewant2live.com, first log in then search for 'therapeutic bath' or use this link /beneficial-home-baths-therapeutic-baths-to-detox-naturally/

to find the book in its entirety in the Members Area.

All that we ask is that you provide a testimonial or positive feedback for the book, to Jim at facilitator@wewant2live.com.  This will help us with the marketing to Amazon and other publishing platforms.

Simply by maintaining your subscription, you will be aiding us to roll out this campaign to provide answers to the question ‘What did Aajonus say about_________?’  We believe this will be the most effective way to spread the word about the Primal Diet and how it can save and improve lives if done correctly.

If this email reaches anyone not ready to become a Member of the site yet – please buy the ebook!  It’s only $17!  You will learn about Lymphatic Baths from Aajonus himself – from newsletters Aajonus wrote and from Q and A sessions conducted over a period of years here in southern California.  If you have ever attended a Primal Diet Potluck or the Q and A that followed, you will recognize the intimate and insightful exchanges.  This information is vital to your continued success on the Primal Diet and is not available anywhere else!

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Aw teacher, do we really have to?  What lymphatic congestion is and why we should bother handling it.

Chapter Two – Specific problems such as back trouble, hot flashes, previous chemical exposures.  An example of a detox.

Chapter Three – Details of what to do, exactly

Chapter Four – Foods/recipes before, during and after the bath

Chapter Five - Bath tub vs Jacuzzi vs hot tub – the pros and cons and the 'how to's.

Chapter Six – Other types of baths – what for and how to...

Even if you have been taking Lymphatic Baths for years – you will gain insight into the discoveries Aajonus found after publishing We Want to Live: the Primal Diet.  Certainly, you will learn things not covered in the original book.  This is groundbreaking stuff!

Now, more than ever, your help is needed.  Support the Primal Diet and Optimal Ways of Living simply by continuing your subscription and renewing when required.

Thank you!

The Staff at Optimal Ways of Living

Hello! In a special Q&A of February 3rd, 2013

in San Diego, Aajonus covers a lot of things

we may not have known before.  For instance,

Did you know how to be comfortable in a

lymphatic bath for 90 minutes?

See /2014/06/25/aajonus-in-a-qa-session-in-san-diego-on-february-3rd-covering-many-topics/ -

once you have logged in.

Highest regards,


Hello! In a special Q&A of February 3rd, 2013

in San Diego, Aajonus covers a lot of things

we may not have known before.  For instance,

Did you know how to be comfortable in a

lymphatic bath for 90 minutes?

See /2014/06/25/aajonus-in-a-qa-session-in-san-diego-on-february-3rd-covering-many-topics/ -

once you have logged in.

Highest regards,


Hello!  Aajonus reveals much in the Q&A of June 16, 2013 - both about our health and about himself and his attackers.

Some of the points covered are touched upon in my email but note that there is much to bring us up-to-date in this Q&A of June 16, 2013.

*Do you drink milk with, before or after a meat meal & how much and how long after

*How to get enough nutrients and minerals into your jaw area, which a handling for many things including gum problems and mercury poisoning.

*How to restore digestive bacteria when it has been depleted

*extreme cheese and extreme results

*'was there foul play?' by Aajonus in his own words

*What Aajonus was still suffering from in June 2013

*how to access the music video Just Say No To the Vaccine

with Aajonus' voice saying a now famous line

*how getting international attention made Aajonus a target

*how to make a soft cheese work better to absorb poisons like a hard cheese does

*Is it better to warm your head during a lymphatic bath or to cool it?

*how you can use sour cream when using fresh cream is not appropriate

*Inside information about sodium and table salt

*some case studies with autistic and difficult children's health

*hair analysis

*Aajonus has worked with Green Pasture about their Blue Ice fermented Cod Liver Oil and now says it IS raw!  He gives a recipe .  It is very useful – Aajonus spells out its use in nerve diseases and other uses.

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

Hello!  A tremendous amount of vital info is being made available.

See for yourself.  I did not list the subjects covered, but there

are some important ones here!  The Livin' La Vida... interview

is open for public viewing so if you wish you may send the link

to anyone interested: /aajonus-a-personal


Once you have logged in, you may put Q&A in the search box or

any portion of these titles:

Aajonus gives amazing answers to questions December 14, 2008 – Q&A

Aajonus with important info – Q&A of September 11, 2011, Part 1

Aajonus with important info – Q&A of September 11, 2011, Part 2

Aajonus interviewed about the swine flu hoax – April 28, 2009         Q&A on internet radio

Aajonus - a Personal Interview On The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show

Thanks to our volunteers!

Highest regards, The questions you would have for Aajonus, if he were

still with us, might not be the same questions that

someone else would ask him - however you can benefit

and definitely learn a lot by hearing the questions

others ask him and hearing his complete answer from his

own voice.

This is now becoming available to you.  We have managed

to place 10 different audio recordings (from 5 different

Q&A sessions, each in two parts) in a private

location within YouTube.com. Please do not 'share' at all

with anyone.  This totals 12 hours of

Aajonus answering questions.  For these 10 posted videos

there are no transcripts available yet.  Some people

like to listen to these while in their hot tub/ lymphatic

bath; others may work out how to listen while driving,

working, juicing or whatever you choose.

These are for your use - and your use only.  These are

not to be shared.  Once you have logged in, see

/aajonus-answers-questions-audio-recordings-of-qa-sessions/ or put 'audio' in the search box. Read the note on the page.

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

Hello!  Aajonus delivered a full Primal Diet

Workshop starting with an in-depth talk about

Aajonus' own  recoveries from several health

challenges. He does several unbelievably accurate

mini-consults, covering a wide variety and

giving remedies in each case.

Some of the Question and Answer topics include

how to handle blurred vision and other visual/

     eyesight challenges

info about  parasites

what food to eat to keep from gaining weight

what are berries good for

how best to get nutrients, what is wrong with

supplements including MSM.

Owanza's extreme high meat recovery

why eat eggs without mixing

and much more.  (This is 96 pages in length).

Once you have logged in you can put Q&A in the

search box or use this url:




If you need assistance such as a new password,

please just email or call me.

Highest regards,  Jim Ellingson


Here is a shorter but more strategic briefing

by Aajonus in a Q&A session on November 18, 2007.  Once you have logged in, here is the link:  /2014/03/02/aajonus-lays-out-the-legal-strategy-for-co-ops-farmers-raw-milk-acceptance-qa-of-all-sorts/

You will also find it and other Q&A transcripts by putting Q&A in the search box, once you have logged in.

Aajonus also answers some vital questions on these topics:

gaining acceptance (re: raw milk) of US congress members in Washington D.C.,

California politics regarding raw milk,

basis of legal strategy for co-ops and farmers,

sleep apnea – what it is and what it isn't, how to handle,

blood pressure,

dental amalgams, dental 'do's and don'ts',

are 'good fat' and 'bad fat' both good for you?,

What causes depression and psychological problems?,

What should I do about it?,

What is the role of bacteria in pre-digesting food?,

What is common to all pharmaceutical tests?  Which can you trust? and more.

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

As a subscriber on the www.WeWant2Live.com site,

you are being notified of the transcript of a

workshop that is also a Q&A plus real-time interviews

and remedies.

This one is amazing!  Here are some of the topics


Nitty Gritty details of Aajonus' medical & familial history

procedure and findings of an early lab test

about parasites

The University of Toronto and Children's Hospital of Toronto, released in June of 1999, in this issue of Oncology Journal, that the toxin produced by E. Coli completely dissolves brains tumors and reverses cancer.

Aajonus' own iridology analysis of his own irises

iridology of an attendee

dissolving fibroid tumors

vegetable and nut oils – what he recommends

a case of big-time anti-aging attributed to a body cream recipe Aajonus gave her

why not press oils out of seeds yourself?

All about how raw vegetables relate to constipation

why juice rather than eat vegetables

the role of a baked potato on very rare occasions

Aajonus' experimentation with various other detox programs

details of (33/day) raw egg remedy for emphysema

why not blend or refrigerate eggs

how to make an egg worth $1000 (in 1999)

thyroid handling in detail

ongoing story of a large family all on the Primal Diet

make your own fish oil (in 1999)

a non-meat eating hygienist eats a whole chicken, - hasn't had that much energy in 20 – 30 years...

vision, eye remedy

viewpoint on bacteria...

sprouting and seeds – digestible?

What is too much honey?

Apple cider vinegar and honey – the whole story

about starting on the Primal Diet...

a pain remedy

Aajonus at his best, interviewing and examining attendees

To find this, once you have logged in, put 1999 in the search box

or Q&A or this link: /2014/02/08/aajonus-in-1999-amazing-detail-on-his-life-research-real-time-consultations-recommendations/

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson


We are getting a lot of Aajonus' information to you in February.  I will most likely get another message to you this coming week with new information being posted.  Currently,

once you have logged in, put Q&A in the search box to see what we have so far.

The following link (once you have logged in) will bring you to the most recent addition:


The following subjects are included in this Q&A session:

        how to adjust your diet as things change

            what to do about a growth in your eye

            how to be able to tolerate sun on your skin better

            types of molds that are not harmful

            what to do about molds that are harmful

antibiotic formula

            how to realign tendons

            details about lymphatic bath vs 'maintenance' bath

            proper pool care

            full handling for depression with case study

            the way Aajonus 'prepares' his milk

            what is wrong with dehydrating

            truth about malaria and MMS

            proper hot tub details and maintenance

            is Shea butter good for you?

            Aajonus method for teeth whitening

            what is the safest dental filling?

            Why does dental oil pulling work?

            What to do about heart palpitations

            the key to reversing diabetes

            what to do about a corn on your foot

        food to take on a plane

        colitis and fibromyalgia

        how Aajonus makes Kefir

what happens when you fast?

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

Hello! Aajonus briefs us on several subjects including

fine points of making coconut cream

natural make-up for women

what are dark berries for?  What are light berries for?

What is good for breaking down toxicity and scar tissue in the intestines?

A case history shrinking and eliminating a cancerous tumor on a musician's face caused by smoke/spray-filled rooms.

An easy way to get rid of wrinkles in the skin

What is cream good for & what is butter good for?

What is the difference between detoxifying by bacteria and parasites vs. by virus?

...about teeth, dental implants, root canals, infection

Should you work with bacteria or against it?

What do antibiotics do in the body?

and more.  This is in the group interview (Q&A) of November 20, 2005.

Here is the link: /2014/01/06/aajonus-brings-truth-and-light-to-several-mis-understood-subjects-qa-of-november-20-2005/

It looks like we can add at least two of these amazing Q&A sessions each month. You are invited to read them as they come onto the site and any time you want to review a particular subject. Each will have Q&A as part of title so once you have logged in, just put Q&A in the search box to get a list of these. As this archive continues to grow, the 'search' box in the top right becomes more and more useful.

Highest regards,

Jim Ellingson

Hello!  These group interviews with Aajonus are answering questions for me, and may answer

questions you have had.  Here are some of the subjects covered in the group interview (q and a session) of Feb. 22, 2009:

Aajonus' latest heavy detox..., use of bone marrow, how to keep cheese from molding,

storing cheese at room temperature, various things about rotten eggs, naps,

how to stay alert all day,  liver spots – what they are and what to do about them.

… about the back and vertebrae, dealing with rattlesnake bite, good foods during pregnancy,

what to do about skin wrinkles,  aches in teeth,  advice for recovering from surgery,

mattresses & beds,  detoxing through your teeth, proportions of red meat to white meat,

antibiotic substitute, goat milk vs cows milk,  better skin, ideal food for a child under seven,  cold hands and feet.

Also please note - if you have had a consult with Aajonus in the past, please fill out the brief survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PLRXGB2.

My best wishes for an excellent holiday season and a healthy and successful new year!

Jim Ellingson


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