What Vegetarians Or Vegans Need To Know, And Those Following A Raw Foods Diet

What Vegetarians Or Vegans Need to Know As Well as Those Following A Raw Foods Diet...

Beware of Genetically Engineered Foods And Additives And Poisons In Food And Water

Many people start on a path with various forms of vegetarian diets in response to appeals regarding the environment, regarding kindness to animals and as a general action towards improved personal health.

It is possible to do scientific comparisons of various life forms to see what foods are best for that life form. This has been done for mankind* however the debate rages loud and clear about the pros and cons of vegetarianism.

What vegetarians or vegans need to know , however, is best told to them by current or former vegetarians or vegans. Please see the letters attached at the bottom of the page to read of first-hand experience. There are more such testimonials; some are available on the following blog:


The search for health by vegetarians can become a definite crusade, because there are so many hazards more serious than whether or not to consume animal products.

There is more individual homework required, for example regarding some of the toxic results of popularized products derived from soybeans.

The intention to follow a raw foods diet for better health is common to vegetarians and non- vegetarians alike. Many in both camps have found the raw foods diet resolves several problems.

Even if you do follow a raw foods diet, be cautious of the foods you select. Many farmers grow genetically engineered food, which are also referred to as genetically modified foods.

No matter what you call them, these genetically modified foods were genetically altered for the benefit of the producer, not the benefit of the consumer. Knowledge about genetic modifications is a key to a healthy lifestyle and key to what vegetarians or vegans need to know.

While the improvements made in genetically engineered food may help preserve these foods or help them grow to larger sizes, no one has informed us of the long term effects these foods will have on human health. The concern over the potential effects of genetically modified foods has caused some countries and some states within the US to ban them completely.

Another concern for those following a vegetarian or raw foods diet are the additives and poisons in food and water. Foods that are grown non-organically contain chemical additives, such as fertilizers and insecticides. Similarly, water provided by cities contains numerous poisons added in order to make the water better, such as fluoride. Tests, supposedly proving that fluoride was good for our teeth, were distorted. Fluoride caused test-group members to lose some of their teeth. Therefore, they had fewer cavities than the group that did not take fluoride because they had fewer teeth. The group that did not take fluoride did not lose teeth. There is also evidence that fluoride is harmful to the rest of the body.

Therefore, in addition to following a raw foods diet, care should be taken to eat organically grown foods and pure water, whenever possible, in order to achieve optimum health. Avoiding additives and poisonsin food and water ensures better health, and more quickly.

For the previous 30 years I had been experimenting with different diets, supplements, and health regimens. But I must say that the sum total of everything I learned during that time is not nearly as valuable to me as your simple diet. It has literally changed my life. Perhaps most importantly it has given me the clarity of mind to realize how undernourished I was during all my years as a vegetarian. I am very grateful - thank you!

Michael S., Chicago, Illinois

*The following has been quoted from from The Recipe for Living Without Disease
with the author's permission, from Volume Three, Chapter 16 Our Digestive
: "Our intestines are 2 1/2 times shorter than most herbivores [animals who consume mainly vegetation, such as cows, horses, deer and sheep]. We have only one stomach...Herbivores have nearly 60,000 times more enzymes than we have..." See the full paragraph in the

I've been following the Primal Diet style of eating for 4 years.

I lost this weight after severe digestive malfunction from eating raw vegan for a number of years. I had dropped to 90lbs. from a weight of 160lbs. at 5'11.

From the moment I delved into raw butter (close to 1/2lb. per day) healthy weight came on for months-- until I stabilized at 165lbs. or so.

Four years later with plenty of raw meat my health is better than its ever been.

Thanks again for this video.

"I've been on the Primal Diet two weeks now and already I am feeling a lot better. I used to be a raw vegan but not any more!" Don S., Palmdale, California

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