What Is Constipation And How Do We Resolve It ?

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

Constipation is the inability to defecate. That is caused by several differing circumstances in cases where no tumors or other tissue obstructions exist: 1. the body digests and absorbs all of the food consumed and discards no waste, or 2. feces dries in the bowel and peristalsis is unable to move feces through the sigmoid colon and rectum. In the first case, constipation is the wrong term but that is what it is called. It usually occurs in people whose bodies are starved for nutrients. I have known several people who had one or two small bowel movements weekly for the first 2-3 months on my PD. I experienced rare bowel movements for weeks after fasting (in those days that I misguidedly thought that fasting was beneficial). In the second circumstance, where fecal matter dries in the colon, it is caused by several circumstances: 1. eating cooked food where everything has been fractionated into none bio-active couplings, 2. a fat deficiency from not eating enough fat, 3. eating concentrated mineral foods without enough fat, such as drinking milk that lacks enough cream or eating cheese alone, and 4. lacking proper levels of E.coli.

E.coli deficiency is the most common cause of chronic constipation on my PD. E.coli require an acidic environment to thrive and propagate. E.coli deficiency has many causes: 1. long-term vegetarianism or fruitarianism where the diet is too alkaline (too many fruits and vegetables) and not enough animal products (e.coli in the human body feed best on animal proteins), 2. toxicity in the bowel that poisons E.coli colonies (medications, pesticides, preservatives, additives and most chemicals, including chemicals formed by cooking). When 1 & 2 above were combined, such as long-term vegetarians who ate lots of soy products, especially soy chips, recovering from chronic constipation while eating my PD can take 10-20 years. Often E.coli have been severely mutated and the bowel is constantly poisoned by the body dumping its detoxified stored toxins into the bowel.

Remedies section
I offer several short-term remedies in my book We Want To Live that are for emergencies only. To help build strong colonies of e.coli, I suggest eating high meat as described in my book The Recipe For Living Without Disease. However, if the colon is constantly subjected to detoxified stored or fresh toxins, E.coli colonies will constantly diminish. In such cases, I suggest that sufferers make a mixture of 3-4 tablespoons unsalted raw butter, 2 tablespoons of raw cream, 2 tablespoons coconut cream (if coconut cream is not available, substitute another 1 tablespoons raw cream), and ¼ teaspoon unheated honey. Immediately prior to sleep, place ingredients in a 4-ounces jelly jar, close lid tightly, immerse in bowl of hot water (no hotter than your hand can tolerate for 4 seconds) and let stand for 5-10 minutes. When mixture is tepid, use an enema bulb syringe to inject it into your rectum while kneeling on all fours. Hold it inside and sleep, do not evacuate it. The H2O from the creams will keep the sigmoid colon moist while the fats coat the feces, preventing it from drying. Any excess fat will move up the colon and protect and partially nourish E.coli colonies. That routine can be utilized every 1-5 days as necessary for sufferers of chronic constipation.