Vitamin deficiencies

VITAMIN DEFICIENCIES, when severe, are indicated by dark circles under eyes, pallid face, poor energy, sleeplessness for people who are usually able to sleep, and fearful attitudes.

Eating plenty of fresh raw unripe fruits, unheated honey, vegetable juices and sometimes salads supplies naturally bioactive, enzyme-bound vitamins for proper assimilation and utilization.

Symptoms of chronic vitamin deficiency are powdery tongue in the morning, loss of peripheral vision, flatulence, nervous and fearful thoughts about the future and related psychological complications (like making difficulties where none exist). A chronic vitamin deficiency is often misdiagnosed as a severe potassium deficiency. Ironically, consuming vitamin supplements increase those symptoms rather than mitigate symptoms.

Eating plenty of fresh raw vegetable juices, raw unripe fruit, especially banana and melon, and frequently eating small amounts of Nut Formula (page 194), or a little cooked starch with plenty of raw fat (e.g., unsalted raw butter, avocado, stone-pressed olive oil) and sometimes a fresh raw salad gradually replenishes missing vitamins.

Avoid eating salads with oils of any kind (olive, peanut, etc.) - the combination prevents the vitamins in salads from being digested. However, raw oils may be eaten with cooked starches at the same meal with a salad.

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