Vision and focus disorders

VISION AND FOCUS DISORDERS are characterized by blurred vision, eye fatigue, inability to see far or near, squinting, light sensitivity, itchy, bloodshot or burning eyes and lids. Caffeine in any form, including chocolate, coffee, tea and soda, damages nerves and brain. In many people it damages eyes. Caffeine consumed by a mother during pregnancy and breast-feeding can cause poor vision in her child. Excess adrenaline causes dryness, nerve damage, and in some people creates poor vision. Medicinal insulin also causes vision disorders. See Cataracts, page 244.

Eating plenty of live foods, especially raw fats with foods that are red or orange (indicating abundant vitamin A content), such as carrot juice, apricots, watermelon and raw tuna, soothes and nourishes eyes. As a result of eating a raw diet, especially raw red meat, most vision disorders have stopped the “normal” progression toward poorer vision.
I have seen few instances where vision disorders completely reversed.

Adding 1-2 drops of raw egg white (from antibiotic-free and hormone-free chickens) to the eyes once or twice daily gradually and continuously improved vision. Those who continued to consume caffeine on a predominantly raw diet did not improve their vision. Either their eyesight remained poor or it continued a slower progression toward poorer eyesight.

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