Vastly Better With Normal Energy

I want to tell you you’re a genius. I feel so damn good
right now, I want to express my gratitude. I’ve still got a
few minor symptoms, and the usual body quirks and burps,
but I feel good, consistently. Muscle is building up. I’ve got
more energy. I’m sleeping better. The food digests; I get
normal hunger for good things. The irritation in my G.I.
tract is practically gone. I was waking up at night with my
eyes feeling like they had sand under the eyelids. This has
improved very much. When reading and studying I couldn’t
sit for longer than an hour or two. A pain would start
appearing in the left front of my abdomen. That problem is
vanishing also.”
“My landlord mentioned how vastly better I seemed to be
lately. My mother visited recently and said the same thing
basically. For years after almost starving to death, I didn’t
smile very much at all, and she said it is very wonderful to
see me having a normal energy level and lots of expression
in my eyes and face…it’s working.”
– Greg

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