Varicose veins

VARICOSE VEINS are veins that have become swollen, enlarged and twisted (vascular flabbiness). (A friend calls these “very close” veins - close to the surface.) Caffeine is the greatest cause of flabby veins in most people. Bodies that have varicose veins have irritating storages of caffeine or other toxins in the veins making them water-bloated and sluggish. Oral (birth control pills) and injected contraceptives also cause varicose veins. Avoiding caffeine in beverages and medications, and dried peppers (including black and cayenne) is important to healing.

Eating raw unripe pineapple with raw cream, when available, or stone-pressed olive oil, and taking plenty of warm baths, soothe and strengthen varicose veins. Eating plenty of raw meat, including fish, helps regenerate veins, making them strong and perky over a period of many years.

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  1. How come I get more spider veins, and even cherry angiomas from raw meat? I used to only get it from bread and other products with gluten, because of the chemical bromine. I am going crazy, because I want to be healthy, and no matter what I do, I get skin issues like this. So I can’t enjoy raw meat, and it seems the raw eggs are too, causing spider veins and throbbing aching pain in arms? Any thoughts? Help?

    1. Hello, Scott! First, please realize that I am not Aajonus. I can refer you to what he says. Do you have We Want To Live: the Primal Diet and the recipe book?
      He asks us to reread these regularly. I suggest reviewing the section on vericose veins to start. Then follow the remedy. Also – have you been taking the lymphatic baths regularly as spelled out in detail in Beneficial Home Baths?

      1. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. And I understand Aajonus is no longer with us. He is very missed. I do not have his Primal Diet and the recipe book, and haven’t heard of the lymphatic baths. I am very new to all this information about raw meats and raw eggs etc. That Aajonus brought out. I have just suffered so much with skin problems in the last two years. And have heard so much about the primal diet a’bit from Aajonus and many others who are on that diet, or on a diet similar to it. And have had many skin issues healed from a raw meat diet, along with raw milk, raw eggs etc. So please understand I am very new to this all. But have heard so many testimony’s, and just want good health and to look good and feel good. Which I haven’t in the last two years now.

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