ULCERS are open sores on the mucous membranes or skin. Ulcers occur in people who lack enzyme-mutations for eating cooked and processed red fruits and vegetables. See If I Lack Enzyme-Mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?, page 174.

Skin ulcers occur in people who have an allergy to cooked and processed red fruits and vegetables, and cannot assimilate minerals. Avoid anything with caffeine, including chocolate and sodas. Caffeine interferes with mineral assimilation.

Drinking good mineral water and unheated honey, and being active, flush the skin with minerals to bind with toxins and neutralize them. Eating no-salt-added raw cheese helps to heal.

Intestinal and stomach (mucous membrane) ulcers: Drinking plenty of smoothies for one week, and eating raw butter, unripe papaya and other unripe fruit (but no tomato or citrus) bind toxins and revitalize the tissues. After one week, the following regime detoxifies toxins that are stored in stomach and intestinal membranes: plenty of fresh raw white cabbage juice and tomato purees, some raw milk with raw fertile egg(s) and unripe banana, plain raw kefir with a little fresh unripe pineapple, plenty of butter and unheated honey. Best results have been achieved by eating very little raw meat, and no cooked meat or pasteurized milk for two weeks. After the two weeks (the time it usually takes for ulcers to cleanse, close, and enter the first stages of healing) eating plenty of raw meat, ½ cup white cabbage juice (for 4 weeks) and alkalizing foods daily heals and strengthens mucous membranes.

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