…Tried Every Diet and Nutritional Program…

I “got the flu” and for three years never got over it. I was constantly fatigued and my weight gradually dropped from 160 to 80 pounds even though I ate large amounts of food. Western medicine tested for everything but all tests were normal. I tried every modality of alternative medicine, including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cranial – sacral, reki, vitamin mineral I.V., chelation therapy for mercury, EAV, kinesiology and so on. I tried every worthless supplement, even those so-called “live”.

I tried every diet and nutritional program known and they all failed until I was directed to Aajonus. Within five days [on the Primal Diet] I profoundly noticed something worked. I felt like a new person. I gained 51 athletic pounds my first four months on the diet. After three years of struggling I was good as new in four months. AMAZING!”
Jeff Slay
St. Lous, Missouri

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