SYPHILIS is a viral detoxification affecting almost any organ or tissue in the body, especially genitals, skin, mucous membranes, aorta, brain, liver, bones and nerves, and is caused by the inability to utilize caffeine and cooked green foods. Extreme acidity and accumulation of volatile toxins deteriorate cells, forcing the body to manufacture this virus en masse. See If I Lack Enzyme-Mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?, page 174.

Strictly adhering to the following regime for at least 8 days has worked the best without having to use harmful drug therapy. Drinking a blend of 18 tomatoes (Roman variety work a little more quickly) with at least 5 tablespoons of unheated honey and 5 teaspoons fresh raw lemon juice neutralizes toxins and has eliminated the body’s need for the virus. Eating other foods that are alkalizing reinforced the effects of the tomato/honey/lemon drink. Eating very little meat during the eight-day period prevented the blood from getting acidic, which would have irritated the condition. See Alkalizing Food, page 178.

After the eight days, eating plenty of raw meat, including raw fish, and raw eggs gradually healed the deterioration and breakdown from this severe detoxification. See Appendix Q, page 151.

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