No Supplements and Am Better Off Than Those Not On the Primal Diet

“I too have made similar observations about people who have used large amounts of supplements in hopes to
improve their health. One case in particular was a friend of mine who was a ND [Doctor of Naturopathy] and owned a mail order business selling supplements. He was constantly taking supplements, doing blood work, testing for parasites, doing colon therapy and on and on. He died from prostate cancer at the young age of 50.”

“One of the reasons for going on the Primal Diet was having tried several of the latest and greatest and not feeling that I was any better off than someone who took no supplements at all. Now having been on the diet for about 18 months I do feel better and know that I am better off than those not on the diet. I have also noticed that the people at the co-op look well and seem to have a sense of clarity that most people don't have. I know that many people on the diet have had or are dealing with some sort of health challenge.
Most of these people are intelligent, resourceful and know in their gut that the diet makes all too much sense to dismiss.


Los Angeles, California

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