Slimmer and Satisfied in Two Years on Aajonus’s Diet

“I’ve been on Aajonus‘ diet for over two years.

From the information in We Want to Live I am able to do the diet on my own, mainly instinctively, eating what appeals to me according to the guidelines in the book.

Immediately, I started feeling better in every way. I have always been concerned with my overweight problem (obsessed with it). I noticed that I was eating less than before, even though I’m still a “big eater”. Eating the diet fills me up and satisfies me more quickly and for a longer time. I’ve lost very little weight but finally I’ve lost one dress size, which suits me fine. I’m slimmer and firmer. This took time but I’ve already
lost 80 percent of my cellulite, and I had a lot.

I was a compulsive chocolate and candy eater. Now I make Aajonus‘ chocolate substitute – a little raw carob powder mixed in unsalted raw butter and unheated honey – or a smoothie with hormone- and antibiotic-free raw eggs and banana (or other fruit). My chocolate and candy cravings are satisfied without any of the ill side-effects that chocolate and candy produce, like extreme moodiness. I crave sugar
after every meal, so now I eat unheated honey and that satisfies me fine.

“I am a flight attendant who works tiring 10-15-hour international flights on my feet. I face continuous jet-lag and extreme climate changes. The diet improved my ability to endure everything.

I don’t feel the heaviness in my legs now. I no longer take pills for my vascular problem either. I no longer have a vascular problem.

To cut down on a lot of the water-retention I cut out salt. I craved salt, so I had to eat it. Following the diet suggestions, I now eat tomatoes, raw oysters or raw scallops to satisfy my salt cravings. It’s easy, now that I am adjusted to it. Physiologically, it’s a much easier way to live than before.

“The first year I still slept a lot, but now I sleep less and I recoup from colds, flus, every form of sickness
(detoxification) faster. I have more stamina and am less tired. It’s much easier to exercise and enjoy exercise (my muscles got stronger, quicker). Even my moods improved. I feel happier. The diet changed my life and perceptions. It is one of my keys to happiness, health and youth.”
– Veronica, age 33
Lesigny, France

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