Skin – Moles, Warts, Wrinkles, Tumors

Skin Imperfections and Remedies

Aajonus begins the Q&A session of January 9, 2011:

A: I’ve been experimenting with pineapple to dissolve dead cells in your skin, getting rid of moles and warts and tumors.  Rubbing the pineapple on the skin over a tumor helps dissolve it. Leave it on for a good 24 hours.  Don’t rub hard.  You can only use it every four or five days though, as it will cause break-outs more often than that. On days you don’t use it, it’s a good idea to rub bone marrow or butter or a combination of both on to the skin.

If you look at my photo on the back of my recipe book it shows all the freckles I had.  I usually maintained a high tan because of all the huge freckles – what they call age or liver spots – didn’t show.  When I started putting pineapple on my skin, it started neutralizing them 80% within 24 hours.  And I started using it on a big mole I had here that was starting to get inflamed and it peeled away a little at a time.  Raw apple cider vinegar will also remove moles and warts in the same way but not as quickly and it won’t change the coloration as will the pineapple.

But you have to be careful.  I did an experiment using the pineapple every three instead of four days and got a little red rash.  So I have to keep my cycle to four days.  Some people have to keep their cycle to five, six or seven days.  The amount of melanin in the skin doesn’t matter.  It will also clear up a lot of other imperfections in the skin.  I had two very large moles here and they’re down by 60%. Maybe once every three months I’ll start applying it for a couple weeks and then I’ll forget.  I do it for experimentation.

Fine Tuning

I used to have a ton of freckles all over my hands and body and they’re reduced over 50%.  I’ve probably only used pineapple five times on my body, face and neck.  Even when I get sunshine, they don’t seem to come back anymore.  It also gets rid of wrinkles.  Just put it on – don’t rub hard – just put it on and let it absorb, leaving it 24 hours.  On some people, the skin will stain so it’s a good idea to get some Perrier or Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water and wipe off any excess because you’ve got so much on, it’s affecting your healthy cells.  Normally, if you only put it on every 4-5 days, the pineapple will only affect dead cells and make your skin younger. Old skin is your body collecting dead cells and there’s nothing energetic about them so they sag - they’re not alive – no muscle tissue involved.

If it starts burning your skin, that means you’ve got so much on it’s affecting your live cells or that your live cells don’t have enough fat to protect themselves from the bromelain and other nutrients in the pineapple.  So, wipe it off and make sure you use bone marrow and/or butter on the other days to make sure those cells that are alive absorb enough fat to be protected so when you apply the pineapple it doesn’t eat into them.

Excerpt from January 9, 2011 Q&A in Los Angeles.  Sign up to see the rest of this Q&A.

7 thoughts to “Skin – Moles, Warts, Wrinkles, Tumors”

  1. Hi, i can not really understand what “putting on the pineapple” means here.

    Is it enough to put a piece of pineapple on my skin?
    I have tried it , but did not get any results so far. Should it be an unripe pineapple?

    1. Hello, Dominik! I have not tried that but have wondered about it myself. I do know that it would take a while and definitely not be ‘instant’. If you squeeze the pineapple so pineapple juice covers the mole or skin tag – then let it dry – it might be more effective.

  2. Hello! Should the pineapple be unripe for combating wrinkles and do you apply juices or use a piece of it? And how do you hold it there if you’re supposed to use a slice?

    1. Hello, Madeline! I think you can use the same pineapple that you would use for your lymphatic bath. Just as long as it is not over-ripe, it should be fine. I never followed up with Aajonus to find how to apply the pineapple. It seemed awkward to me to just rub a little pineapple on the skin tag or mole. So I really can’t clarify what he is saying. Just do your best.
      Highest regards,
      Jim P.S. i assume you are talking about this passage:
      Q: Skin tags.

      A: One day pineapple and two to three days vinegar. Skin tags are a smaller network of them not as complex and hard [as warts]. They’re not predominantly dead cells, some of it’s cartilage from her elbow – not dead cells but they don’t function well as cartilage any more. They’re still alive and soft – not like Jim’s which are hard because they’re completely dead, dry and scaling off. When she puts the vinegar and pineapple on there, it will kill the cells. She says, “I don’t want joint cells here on my skin. If you’re not going to work there, get the fuck off.” When gone, might leave a little whitened area.

      1. Post Script: Madeline, I see now you are referring to First, please understand that I am not
        Aajonus and I do not give advice but I do give the references showing what Aajonus says. As a friend, I would just say that as long as a pineapple is not over ripe, it should be fine. In the paragraphs under ‘fine tuning’, Aajonus says this better than I can.

  3. AV says rubbing the pineapple on the skin in the first sentence so will try that with Apple cider vinegar.

    1. Yes, Anne. There is a bit more to this in terms of – do you rub it off after a while? Could you alternate between the pineapple and the ACV? You may email me about this because I do have more data from Aajonus that he gave me personally and is not in books. I will give this to you if you wish.

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