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Aajonus regarded each person who consulted him as unique. When someone consulted him, their discussion was private. The iris photos belong to the person.

Those of us who have had our own personal consults will concur that Aajonus was astoundingly accurate. We would struggle to write down, before the consult, major incidents of diseases and treatments. Without looking at the list and without any great big drama, Aajonus would casually nail the key factors still affecting us and give us specific recommendations.

Aajonus did not teach iridology as such however one can learn from what he saw and what he said. If this consult is well received, showing that there is a strong interest, others may follow. These, along with Early Training by Aajonus, may enable one to get some idea of Aajonus’s self-taught grasp of iridology.

In viewing this consult, with eyes wide open, the viewer can learn little techniques, small factors that may turn out to be big or even huge factors not mentioned elsewhere.

I personally learned some things from this transcript that are now a part of my personal quest for health. What valuable information will this provide for you?


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