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About 480 hours of recordings from Aajonus’ potlucks (Q&A) and workshops including hours of his “mini-readings”

Technical information
Format: mp3
Total playing time: approx 480 hours in 140 recordings
Delivered on two DVD-sized, individually mastered Millennial Discs



Did Aajonus leave us more information than in his books? What about his continuing research?

In the words of one person on the Primal Diet ®:

Aajonus is often coming up with changes to protocol, formulas, preparations etc which he talks about at PotLucks etc. eg. a chang of the tooth clay formula, with AC vinegar used only 1X a week instead of every night. He seems to recommend less red meat now, with fish and then chicken taking preference.
PD's in other parts of the world do not get these snippets of information so readily

Other testimonials from customers

Buy the complete audio recordings of Aajonus on wewant2live.com. Aajonus talks about this and so much more. I listen to these recordings every day. When I finish listening to them all (and there are A LOT), I will listen to them again. And again.

-- Harris G.

When I am listening to the audio workshops and Q&A sessions it is like Aajonus is still alive and his wisdom and insights fill my mind and being with his same wisdom and insights. I have listened to workshops and Q&A in various areas of America and in Australia now. He will give little different fined tuned adjustments in how he answers a similar question but because it is for someone else it helps me to better understand his reasoning and practical application for each person and often why he makes the adjustments he does.

I have found it important for my encouragement and fortitude to the diet to keep my mind regularly exposed to Aajonus’s teachings. I am usually listening to the audio each morning as I am doing my food preparations. Aajonus said that the people who were most successful at staying on the diet prepared their day's food first thing in the morning. I try to do that as much possible.

-- D. G. California

Who has access to this information?

Someone attending the question and answer session for the last few hours of a Primal Diet ® potluck would pay $30 or so to participate. In addition to asking questions and hearing Aajonus answer them, they could take notes and/or make a personal audio recording of the entire Question and Answer session (informally called Q&As) for their own use.
Click here to see a sampling of subjects in 7 of the 73 recorded Q&As
Also, annual or monthly subscribers on the WeWant2Live.com site have access to transcripts the 24 or so Q&As - and the one early Primal Diet Workshop - that have been transcribed so far.

So, why are you telling me this?

Over 100 audio recordings have been collected, varying in length from just over 2 hours to 6-8 hours, for approximately 350 hours of Aajonus as he tells of his research, new findings, remedies and so on. There is amazing material here even including details of attempts on his life.

On two disks, total!

What people are saying


Due to the importance of his years of research and the value of the information contained in the above recordings, they have been gathered up and are being made available for the first time ever as a collection. These are the actual recordings, not re-mastered, not re-engineered; nothing has been altered or stricken from them. They have only been edited to delete blank periods or extraneous material. We hope to engineer them in the next few years to improve quality. Many of you have expressed an interest in listening to him now. Therefore these recordings are being made available in their original form at this time.

Archival Discs
Because of the importance of this information, these recordings are being released on “archival discs” (see http://www.mdisc.com/ for more information on the Millennial discs) which are designed to last for centuries. No matter what kind of natural or man-made disasters may befall us in the coming years, we consider that Aajonus’ breakthroughs, insights and recommendations are so vitally important that they should be preserved for the future of mankind.
We provide detailed instructions for their care.You may hand them down to your children and grandchildren to preserve this material for lifetimes. The plastic container (called ‘jewel case’ in the audio industry) is the most sturdy and unbreakable available with current technology. Each disk is individually recorded; there is a lead time of a few days. They will be shipped in the sequence in which the orders are received.

Playing the recordings
These are MP3s, ovre 50 on each of two discs. Put one of these discs in your computer. A list will show up. Then click on the MP3 recording you wish to play. Your computer will play it for you.

2 reviews for Aajonus – Collected Audio Recordings

  1. Harris Gottfried

    These recordings are the most useful tool I have to keep me on the right path. Aajonus’ research continued well past his books, and with these recordings you get to hear all of that new info in addition to countless other things that came up in conversation with real people.

    I feel that I have been brainwashed by society via countless hours of dogma, propaganda, false science, and misinformation. Education, news reports, conversations around me; you name it. Each of those vehicles has had hundreds if not thousands of hours of airtime in my head, and it continues. How can I not believe it? How can I not be affected by all this information, repeated again and again and again? I’d be CRAZY not to believe SCIENCE! The only way to make this a fair fight is to give another source of information (that I find much more credible) equal time in my head. I listen to Aajonus about 5 days a week (on my 20-minute commute to and from work, and also at home while doing chores around the house). This has allowed me to un-brainwash my mind and ease my anxiety. I am confident that I am doing the right thing, but it has taken many hours of listening to Aajonus to have the underlying anxiety fade. I will continue listening to the recordings even though I’ve heard all the stories many times over because this “un-brainwashing” helps to offset the constant attempts at brainwashing by society around me each and every day. There is also so much information to absorb in the recordings; I can’t possibly retain it all, but I will keep trying.

  2. Dan

    I purchased the collected audio recordings a couple months ago and am slowly going through each one, lots of great info. Aajonus was/is the greatest teacher I’ve ever found!

    Thank you for keeping his spirit alive.

    Regards Dan

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