SCURVY is a form of malnutrition, characterized by swollen and bleeding gums, rough dry discolored skin, tenderness of joints and muscles, bruising easily, poor healing of wounds, and susceptibility to frequent detoxification (infections, parasites, virus, etc.). Scurvy occurs in individuals who lack the ability to assimilate cooked sugars and cooked fat properly. A lack of enzyme-mutations for eating cooked yellow foods is sometimes also a factor in scurvy. (Cooked yellow foods in some people rob blood sugars that are needed throughout the body.)

Avoiding cooked and processed sugars and fat and cooked yellow foods settles scurvy. Eating plenty of fresh unripe fruit and fresh parsley leaves usually relaxes symptoms in a few days. Eating plenty of unheated honey helps the utilization or elimination of stored processed sugars (such as glycogen). Then eating a balanced raw diet that includes raw meat corrects scurvy. See the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12.

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