Raw Food Diet Benefits

Raw Food Diet Benefits

Aajonus has made available to us amazing benefits of the raw food diet.

The Primal Diet (TM)  is not just a raw food diet. Aajonus did years of research before his books and years of research after his books. You get all the benefits of his efforts.

We have years (1996 – August of 2013) of well documented teachings during which Aajonus found ways for us to accomplish the natural health and wellness results we want with way less of the burdensome detoxifications that seemed necessary at first.

During the month of July, when you purchase any product from the WeWant2Live.com store, /shop/ , you have a coupon option to subscribe for a month at only $17.95.

For this nominal fee, you open up the password-protected part of the site completely for your own searching and discovering.

Here is how to do this.

  • Click here to find whatever product you want in the store 
  • Place the order, following the shopping cart steps.
  • Apply the coupon code Search when you see the ‘apply coupon’ on the left of the screen. This gets you the $17.95 subscription price automatically.
  • Email your choice of user name and password to facilitator@wewant2live.com. If there is anything else you want to say to me, include that in your email.

Your access will be set up within 24 hours. Then when you log in, view the ‘navigation tips’ in red on the left side of the Welcome page.

If you are already a subscriber, you will get an extra month.

Fasten your seat belt when you search for things like the term virus. You will get the no-holds-barred story from Aajonus. Your search may take you through several documents to put it all together but you will find it all in layman terms, understandable – with references for further reading if you wish.

Whether you are just starting out on this raw food diet adventure or whether you have been on the Primal Diet for years, you will benefit from things such as:

Early Training with Aajonus 

This is an intense 3 day training period. Aajonus is asked key questions even back then such as “what about addressing the viral element’.

Beneficial Home Baths  

Follow step by step with Aajonus. This is a ‘made simple’ and extremely important part of the journey to natural health.

Primal Diet Newsletters

In this full set, Aajonus responds to questions and topics of interest such as “Will we have an epidemic?” These newsletters are packed with Aajonus telling vital facts in understandable terms. He said his Primal Diet Newsletters are his third book. Here is a one-line gem: “All vaccines have been produced and marketed after the diseases had run their courses”. He gives examples.

Question and Answer transcripts

Aajonus spells out for us one or another harmful or potentially disastrous influence then he GIVES THE REMEDY in terms of food that we can obtain and recipes that we can make.

I (Jim) have a ¾ inch stack of remedies I have printed out for various things I personally am subject to at various time. The things that concern me are not the same as things that concern you. With even a one month subscription, just using the ‘search’ option, you can build your own reference collection.

Primal Diet Workshop transcripts

Aajonus makes these exciting. He delivers well prepared important topics AND does several mini-consults right there on the spot. Your search option enables you to zero in on what you personally need to know and remedies you need to use.

Click here to choose the book to start this leg of your raw food diet adventure!

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