Raw Egg Whites – A Doctor Speaks

“Earlier this summer, I posted an article that suggested that one should
not eat raw egg whites. This is the traditional nutritional dogma as raw
egg whites contain a glycoprotein called avidin that is very effective
at binding biotin, one of the B vitamins. The concern is that this can
lead to a biotin deficiency. The simple solution is to cook the egg
whites as this completely deactivates the avidin.
“The problem is that it also completely deactivates nearly every other
protein in the egg white. While you will still obtain nutritional
benefits from consuming cooked egg whites, from a nutritional
perspective it would seem far better to consume them uncooked.

“Since making the recommendation in July, I have more carefully studied
this issue. Two groups brought me to back this: pet owners who feed
their pets raw foods and Aajonus Vonderplanitz, who wrote the raw food
book We Want to Live ”
Dr. Mercola, Medical Doctor

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