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As the radiation fallout cloud moves along the eastward-bound jetstream to USA and Canada from Japan, the flurry of information on radiation protection has moved with it. Most of them focused on protecting the thyroid with an iodine supplement, that is, iodide or iodate. If you will investigate the Chernobyl crises of 25 years ago, the consumption of iodine did not prevent thyroid cancer, leukemia or bone cancers but promoted them. Blocking radioactive iodine from thyroids sends it to bones and bone marrow, increasing risk of leukemia and bone cancers.

Appraisal of iodine
Any form of iodine that is not a natural part of fresh food is oxide, that is, it is rock. That includes any iodine supplement, even if the iodine were taken from a food source. Once it is processed into an isolated mineral, it is again rock, not food, whether powder, pill, or liquid. Animals cannot digest or utilize rock inter-cellularly; only plants can.
All iodine is radioactive isotope to varying degrees, not only iodine 131. That is why all forms of iodine, once exposed to radiation are radioactively charged for as long as 55,000 years. Iodine 131 may be radioactively charged for as long as 500,000 years.
When animals consume iodine supplements, it collects as mineral deposits somewhere in the body. Most often, I have found it in intestines, nervous system, brain, bones and bone marrow. If it were true and iodine supplements protected the thyroid, trading thyroid cancer for blood and/or bone cancer seems ill-advised to me. It is easier to affect thyroid therapy than bone and bone-marrow therapy. The thyroid is close to the skin but bone-marrow and bone are very difficult to affect directly because lymphatic circulation into those areas is extremely limited and slow. Blood-flow into those areas is also limited.
Having experienced iodine radiation treatments along with mechanical radiation treatments for metastasized stomach cancer, and having suffered the side effects of blood and bone cancers caused by radiation treatments, I can tell you that radiation-poisoning is terrible.
I suffered constant nausea, vomit and often diarrhea for years following those treatments. For my body to try and counter the radioactive iodine, my body ate its own bones to obtain the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus to neutralize radioactive iodine and other radioactively charged minerals such as barium. I lost all of the bone around my teeth. My teeth dangling in my gums. When I closed my jaws and pressed teeth together, I bled profusely. I had up to 2 transfusions weekly. I had to drink all of my food. Everything had to be made into liquid and consumed through large straws. After one year of consuming lots of raw dairy, my mandible bones restored and I could chew with very little gum bleeding. However, my gums remained purple (indications of radiation-poisoning) for decades and bleeding continued during teeth-brushing to this day, although very little, 43 years after radiation treatments. I suffered other radiation-poisoning symptoms for years.
Later, I was instructed by alternative doctors to consume colloidal iodine supplement. I did and it caused nausea, impotence and anxiety, the same symptoms as radiation-poisoning. I stopped after 10 days. Iridologically, the supplemental iodine appeared in the areas relating to my stomach and intestines which I associated with nausea. Our bodies try to dump many industrial chemical toxins into stomach because our bodies use HCL to neutralize many toxins. Nausea causes and is an indication of HCL-production if your vagus nerve is attached to your stomach.
Non-bioactively bound iodine, that is, iodine that is not a natural part of fresh raw food is toxic to varying degrees. It is rarely ever beneficial. The risks far outweigh any benefits except to those promoting and selling iodine supplements. Generally, foods from the sea contain the most iodine, followed by other animal foods, and then plant foods. Of all foods seaweed, like kelp, is the most famous source of natural iodine however, humans digest about 2% kelp because it is a hard cellulose-based substance. Therefore, humans get almost no iodine from kelp. When it cooked, humans can derive much more from it but all of the minerals are cauterized and relatively free-radical. Raw eggs and raw dairy products are the best sources, followed by raw meats.
The USA government obviously wants us sick and/or dead. The HHS, FDA and CDC have campaigned against empirically and scientifically-proved-to-be-healthful raw milk for decades. Why? Is it because they know its high mineral concentration and soothing, nerve-protecting fats counteracts just about every toxin on earth? Their scientifically unsupported claims that raw diary is harmful and dangerous are as prejudicial and unfounded as any support of apartheid was. If raw dairy were harmful, it would not have helped heal me from the myriad of diseases I suffered. I would not be alive and well today. Raw dairy is 60% of my diet. The Masai, Samburu and Fulani thrived for thousands of years eating predominantly raw milk products. If raw dairy were dangerous and harmful, they would have been extinct thousands of years ago.
We must be as logical and sensible at all times or we will fall prey to pharmaceutical chemistry-based nonsense. If the risks of environmental contamination are bearing down on us, we must be more resolute and cautious.

Remedies for Radiation Contamination
Here are the things that effectively helped me reduce radioactive toxins and symptoms in my body: Organic no-salt raw cheeses eaten frequently will help absorb and neutralize free-radical radioactive minerals; aloe vera gel eaten directly from the plant (do not eat green skin) helps soothe and heal radiation burn; oranges and avocados eaten together help neutralize radiation; pineapple and no-salt raw cheeses eaten together help dissolve cellular radiation damage and harness byproducts; papaya eaten with no-salt raw cheeses helps prevent scarring; no-salt raw butter eaten with no-salt raw cheeses helps prevent radioactive minerals from entering cells; no-salt raw butter eaten with unheated honey helps digestion and healing; and one ounce of raw milk consumed once hourly helps protect intestines and nerves.
Happy survival,
aajonus vonderplanitz, ph.d. nutrition
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