Quinton; Just Another Marketed “Magic Bullet” Or Real Health Boost ?

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

I have been asked about my views on a product called Quinton. For over a year, I have said that I know nothing about it, and had no opinion except to suggest that people who try it be careful and cautious. In these modern, fast-communication times, many people promote products based on very little experience and hopeful wishes. They postulate work with which they have not experimented enough to know any long-term results, not even a mere two years. I am leary of any product that is marketed. The only way people hear about my work and books is from the experience of others. It is growing daily because the Primal Diet works, not because it is marketed.

An old but newer product to the USA is Quinton. It is collected ocean water that is diluted with spring water and bottled in glass ampoules, glass bottles or aerosol containers. The marketers claim that it cures many things. They state the theory of Rene Quinton that the basic plasma of everything has the same mineral value as ocean water and that we should therefore ingest it, inhale it and inject it. Celery juice has the same mineral value but should we inject diluted celery juice into our blood plasma, making it 10% of our blood plasma? We have a digestive tract for a purpose and that is to deconstruct and restructure substances (food) appropriate for the human body, and especially our individuality. I think injecting anything into our blood plasma is asking for real trouble.

Firstly, consider that ocean water for humans is toxic. It has been documented since at least Galileo. It is known that it creates diarrhea in drinkers of it. It causes irrational thought and behavior. Sailors have been recorded to have become insane by regularly drinking it in small amounts trying to ward off dehydration. In the small amounts and diluted form that Quinton produces, it is probably less toxic but still toxic. However, proponents claim that is debatable. Let’s consider two real-life experiences; the only two that I have observed from afar who have taken it for at least one year. I have reports from 4 other people that said it seemed to have some positive effects for about 5-7 days but then nothing for another 2-10 weeks. Then they stopped.

A less-than-two-year consumer of Quinton claims that his chronic constipation has been relieved where as my Primal Diet (PD) did not relieve it. Herein, I will call him Peter. Peter admitted that he NEVER did the diet as I instructed but claims my diet did not relieve his constipation. His version of my PD resolved most of his problems that were suicidal depths of depression, inability to gain weight, never satisfied and no energy. He claims that it did not correct his skin problems and did not give him the super energy level of which he dreamt. I reiterated that for you to see the irrational conclusion drawn by Peter’s thought process that even though he did not follow my PD, he claims it did not resolve his problems.

Whether following my instructions would have alleviated Peter’s constipation is not the issue in this article. I have met several people who did my Primal Diet 100% as I instructed and complained of constipation. (See article on constipation below.) I have never claimed that the PD relieves skin problems because skin is the main dumping ground of many toxins that cause acne and rashes. Many claim that their reason for not following the diet 100% is eating so much food and getting too fat. However, that is my intention, expressed in all of my writings. Fat protects living cells including those that are constantly dividing, giving more life to our bodies and preventing cellular mutation and deformity. Eventually, that equates to more strength, health and energy. We are so toxic that we need an abundant amount of fat to protect us from the toxins within us and outside of us.

I consider that Peter’s consumption of Quinton (diluted ocean water) was not enough pure ocean water to cause diarrhea but enough to cause regular bowel movements. The fact that Quinton prevents Peter’s natural state of constipation does not mean that Quinton is beneficial. The fact that he has a lot more energy does not mean that Quinton is beneficial. Coffee and speed raise energy levels but are not beneficial. I remember when I was a fruitarian, I was wild with energy. It took me 6.5 years to realize that that energy in itself was not always beneficial. The side effects of that diet included the deterioration of my entire body including bone. Even my thought processes were hyper and erratic, inconsistent and often impulsive. My personality was very positive but I was easily moved to anger if opposed, unless my controls were engaged fully.

I observed, and many people came to me and told me that Peter’s personality and integrity have greatly fallen in the last year and asked me what is wrong with the PD. My response has been that everyone has their version of my PD and his is not working for him. During the last year, Peter has had Quinton intravenously injected several times to equal 10% of his blood plasma. Has it created the observed and reported irrational thinking, irritability and resentful feelings that Peter now frequently exhibits? If it is, is the increase in energy and easy bowel movements worth the reduction of mental clarity and unpleasant and rude personality? Also, if it is, what is it doing to his system long-term? Another symptom that I have noticed in Peter is less blood circulates through his skin. When he was doing a closer version of my PD his skin was always flush with blood and pretty good nutrients. Within the last year, his skin became watery, pale and thicker. At one time, it was extremely dry. After seeing his skin like that for about 3 months, finally I mentioned it to him and he got angry and denied my observation. However, when I saw him several weeks later, his skin was much improved but still did not have the blood circulating in the capillaries as it had for the 4 years he had consumed more of the foods I suggest on my PD.

The other person that I know who regularly consumes Quinton, I will call Tom. He exhibits the same symptoms as Peter, including less blood moving through his skin. However, Tom is much more controlled in his thinking and personality. His life is easy and the fact that he is not under stress as Peter is, is likely to account for his greater control. He does exhibit other symptoms of severe delipidation (tissue-fat deficiency) and hyper activity and sometimes hyper personality. Considering that Tom was a very slow and more cautious thinker in the previous 4 years that I knew him prior to Quinton, those changes are not indications of better health. Tom had the same severe dryness that Peter had for the same length of time that Peter did. They are good friends and Tom advises Peter on his dietary habits. They are exploring dietary phases together.

Let’s consider the ill-effects that salt water has had on the human body. It thinned mucus fibers that protect the membranes, causing cellular destruction and solidification, decreased digestive abilities and absorption, loss of brain fat and myelin erosion, caused insanity, irritability, irrational aggression and violent behavior, and sometimes caused allergies. I equate my early evaluation, although very inadequate, of the results of Quinton with that of the praised research of isolated Vitamin C in the form of l-ascorbic acid by Linus Pauling. They seem to create the same harmful symptoms although some so-called beneficial changes may result from consuming them.

Considering all of the “good” research for Quinton and the disparity of results observed about Peter and Tom, who continue to take it, tells me that Quinton research is not predicated on holistic truth. The argument that we all were evolved from the ocean and we should make it part of our diet and blood is a shallow, flawed and weak argument. The proof is in the pudding. I can look at all of the favorable science that the marketers of Quinton produce and still come to the conclusion that Quinton may be just another harmful product marketed for profit. If you are following my Primal Diet to some extent and taking Quinton, consider the side effects that I mentioned. If your experience is more favorable, please write your experience and let me know. Include your dietary practices for better analysis. I have seen several of my past clients developing the same symptoms, especially the loss of blood and fats to the skin when I have seen them at our weekly food club over the last year. A few of them looked so sallow and malnourished, I wondered if they were taking Quinton. I do not give them advice because they have not asked me for it.

My conclusion is that people want magic bullets. I find that truth is often better realized by studying anecdotal evidence. Science almost always particulates life into non-living non-holistic compartments; such as Vitamin C l-ascorbic acid research. Particulate-science makes very good points but leaves out everything it refuses to consider. What do you accept as truth?