PYORRHEA is most often a detoxification of the brain and glands in the mouth that eliminates through the gums, often forming pus and causing loosening of teeth. Some times that condition is caused by lactose intolerance. Pyorrhea can be controlled by improving mineral absorption. See Mineral Deficiency, page 291.

Avoiding pasteurized dairy is essential. When drinking raw milk (preferably with extra cream), blending in unheated honey usually promotes lactose digestion. However, if there is still some upset from drinking milk, avoiding milk altogether and eating plenty of raw fish settles pyorrhea.

Drinking juices too quickly can cause blood pressure to rise too quickly and make teeth and gums more sensitive. Therefore it is better to sip juices. Or eating no-salt-added raw cheese with raw juices prevents the blood pressure problem, and this combination supplies added raw minerals that are so lacking in pyorrhea.

Drinking fresh raw ginger root and unheated honey mixed in good mineral water or fresh raw vegetable juices soothes and promotes healing of the gums. The ginger may be pressed with a garlic press, juiced or shredded, and set to stand in water or in juice for an hour or more.

Because of the solidity of gums and associated nerves, it takes at least three months to stabilize this condition. Having patience and eating properly will see a person through without having to have teeth extracted. Inflammation usually prevents chewing, so blending raw foods and making raw meat into pâté makes eating easier. See Pâté, page 211. For a balanced diet, see the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12.

General gum sensitivity is most often the result of low blood protein level accompanied by low blood sugar level. General gum sensitivity should not be confused with pyorrhea. See Pain, Gum Sensitivity, page 298.

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