Protecting the Delicate Balance of Our Planet – I Thank You

“I consider you to be one of the greatest and most
important mentors in my life. I applaud your many hard
fought contributions in the healing arts. Your work with
your clientele is equally praiseworthy. But ultimately, it’s
your progressive [and thankfully aggressive], approach
directed toward protecting, hence preserving the precious
delicate balance of our planet, that is indeed noteworthy of
supreme recognition. In deep appreciation, I support you
from the bottom of my heart.
“As a guardian of our earth, I thank you for being one of
the few genuine earthlings that truly deserves to dwell on
this fabulous planet. …And, hopefully through your ancient
wisdom, and as a tenacious advocate of ‘righting the
system’, people amass will heed your lead.
“As my mentor and my teacher, I am thankful eternally to
you…I am blessed!”
– M.S.

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