Prostate Problems Resolved – Remedies from Aajonus

One out of three men have prostate problems and do not understand what it is and what to do. So they go to the Medical Industry. I have transcribed this section for my own purposes. You may put it on the site if you like. I suggest that anyone viewing this gets Aajonus: Collected Audio Recordings so they can listen to the entire Q&A recording and more.

-- Joe

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Audience: How do you detox the prostate?

Aajonus: Tomatoes are an excellent way to detox the prostate.

Audience: Isn’t it the lowest point on a mans body so a lot of stuff collects on it?

Aajonus: Absolutely. It’s a muscle. It’s a muscle with a very low fat level. It’s got the concentration of protein like the heart does. Because it is like a heart. The object of the prostate gland is to eject the sperm. That’s the only job of the prostate is to eject sperm.

Audience: Unclear something about PSA.

Aajonus: PSA is garbage regulation. It is another measurement where the pharmaceutical industry says, O.K. doctors, if you got a PSA count, treat these people for prostrate cancer. If PSA had anything to do with prostate cancer when you had prostate removed, the PSA count should disappear. In my patients that come to me with prostate cancer and then have their prostate removed, I see the PSA up to 86. And if they have no prostate, why do they have a PSA count? The doctors say, oh well they start producing PSA in other areas of the body. That’s absolute bullshit. Again it is the pharmaceutical industry making a fortune because all men will have prostate problems on a bad diet sometime later in their life.

Audience: Unclear.

Aajonus: The PSA has nothing to do with prostate health.

Audience: You are right. I worked on that test. Unclear. It is all marketing. It took two years to sell it to industry that is the market.

Aajonus: This is a biochemist.

Audience: No, I am a medical engineer.

Audience: I worked on it.

Aajonus: So he worked on that test for PSA. It is garbage science. Again the pharmaceutical industry is out to get every male, and 1 out of 3 males have prostrate problems in their lifetime. It is very easy to get them. Look at the therapy. How much does it cost? You have to go through prostate removal, or you are getting radiation therapy or chemo therapy for prostate cancer costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The money issues again. It’s a marketing. You eat tomatoes. Tomatoes are great for getting rid of prostate cancer.

Audience: Unclear.

Aajonus: Unclear. Usually people who have a prostate problem have a little bit of bowel problems, they have polyps in the bowel. I find that they go go hand in hand about 80 percent of the time. Sometimes those seeds in the tomatoes can cause polyps problems.

Audience: Unclear.

Aajonus: Filter or juice the tomatoes.

And blueberries and coconut cream together are great for prostate.

Audience: Unclear.

Aajonus: It is a muscle. It is not a gland. They call it a prostate gland. It does have fluid. It isn’t like the bursas which create a fluid to keep lubrication in there. It is mainly a muscle. There are areas where it creates that fluid, but it is mainly a fluid for itself. Like the heart builds fat deposits of the top of the heart that creates a fluid too, so that part of the heart can be called a gland because it creates a fluid, which is like a bursa fluid which lubricates the muscles and keeps them from going into lock-down or charley horse.

Audience: Do you have an exercise? Is that a good thing?

Aajonus: Any exercise is good as long as you are on a good diet. It is fine. Remember, if you have a problem anywhere and you want to focus healing in that area, use your hot water bottle at night. Place it between your legs. Put a towel over this area. It will work on that area. It will cause swelling in that area. Swelling provides more nutrients to the area and allows the area to expand and relax allowing more nutrients in that area.

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