Primal Diet – Raw Everything!

Interview / talk with Aajonus Vonderplanitz, republished with permission from Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network

February 11, 2009

Raw everything! Thats right, including meat says our Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Aajonus healed his body many years ago from devastating diseases with diet. How often have we heard that story from advocates of various dietary regimes?

Our guests says cooking meat creates many toxins in the body and raw dairy and meat are the most healing foods available. He fields listeners questions that are varied and interesting indeed.

Listen to the full show here (1 hour 21 minutes):
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Aajonus has written two books” “We want to Live – The Primal Diet” and “The Recipe For Living Without Disease.” He is traveling constantly around the world and actually visits primitive cultures to explore diet and its relationship to health. Intriguing ideas hear on healing, digestion and what Aajonus says is the very best way to heal the thyroid and adrenals.