Primal Diet Newsletter #06 (June 9, 2007)

I struggled for four decades to recover from multiple "incurable" diseases and death-cap mushroom poisoning. My work and Primal Diet focus on helping bodies detoxify from pollutants that cause disease, whether from medicine, cooking or other industrial toxins, and helping bodies heal themselves. Stored pollutants in our bodies can raise their toxic heads at any time in our lives and cause serious problems from infancy to elderly, including cancer. Also, I work to avoid and prevent pollutants from entering the body. My bi-monthly newsletters focus on issues that show the problem and solutions/remedies. All issues require subscription for reading at Thank you for your interest in and appreciation for my work. I continue to wish all of you wonderfully healthy futures!

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I and two volunteers Jeff Slay and Lindsey Jacob will educate Senators and House of Representatives from July 15 through August 1, 2007. At sometime we will email you a request or two to fax your Senators and House Representatives about the raw-milk issue, giving your testimonial about benefits of raw milk and asking them to reopen our state boarders to allow raw dairy to pass from state to state. See the end of this newsletter to send donations to help us. Thank you! There was never any legislated federal law that raw milk could not pass state lines but Ronald Reagan issued an Executive Order (EO) outlawing it. Reagan was a friend of industry and an enemy of the people. He broke the unions and wrote many EO’s that continue to damage the public’s health.

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd, scientific nutritionist Utilizing my self-developed iridological analysis, I discovered that IBS and Crohn’s mainly have been caused by penicillin and vaccines. Penicillin infects us with fungus that is not natural to humans but is common in birds. Very often, penicillin travels to intestines, makes roots and lives there. Too often, it…

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd, scientific nutritionist Call around for a doctor who will administer the Mantaux II vaccine. It is injected into the skin, not subcutaneously, leaving a large lump in the skin. I have found that because of inexperience, most nurses do not know how to inject into the skin and “accidentally” inject it…

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd, scientific nutritionist I conducted a laboratory experiment in 1989 in which I planned to discover how much, if any, mercury stored in animal's bodies when they ate raw and cooked swordfish. I chose swordfish because it is considered to contain highest levels of mercury, and because it is my favorite-tasting fish.…

Here I share how to naturally remove those chemicals from the air in your home.

Answer to subscriber's question by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition Hello Aajonus, Could you please consider the topic of this HPV vaccine for girls for a future newsletter on It is a travesty that governments are considering making this mandatory for school attendance. -- Thanks, Ross Aajonus: Firstly, let’s consider the nature of HPV. It…

The Beijing News and China Daily news reported this month that villager Jiang Musheng eats live tree frogs and rats to boost health. Sixty-six-years young Mr. Musheng stated that 40 years of eating live tree frogs and rats helped him avoid intestinal complaints and made him strong. He had suffered frequent abdominal pains and coughing…

China sentenced its ex-head of FDA Zheng Xiaoyu to death over drug-company bribes he accepted in the amount of $832,000 and dereliction of duty to protect the people from drug contamination. In the USA, the same wrong-doing is ignored as simply business as usual and damn the health of the public.

Until my next issue, I wish you happiness along with radiant health.

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