Positive Changes in My Body and Emotions

“The thing I have respected about you is that you tell it like you believe it and have studied it, and you have no personal investment in whether we follow it or not. You’re passionate and certainly firm about what you believe, but you sort of say: “Here is is. Take it or leave it. I’m not in the business of getting people to do what they don’t want to do.” You have no underlying manipulation.

“Another part of this discussion about “proof” is the effect of the mind. It creates its own toxins for us to deal with and must certainly mess up any scientific studies. I am a perfect example of that, and I don’t need or trust any scientific research to tell me it’s true. Belief is another factor, of course, i.e. placebos.

“So, I’m glad I found you, and I see changes in my body and in my emotions daily. Positive ones. And I don’t need to justify it to anyone. :-) I’m making my choice and “living as I want.” Great feeling. Thank you for this wonderful alternative and for all the work you’ve done behind it.”

Best, Jeffrie in San Jose, California

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