Poison Oak Vanished

Aajonus, I have got to tell you that the ‘Primal Facial Body Care Cream’ in your e-book The Recipe for Living Without Disease is VERY VERY EFFECTIVE. I hiked around in Big Bear, ignoring the poison oak, then the next day took off for New York for 9 days. The poison oak didn’t show up for a few days but then it raged; I tried the Ayervedic remedy you mentioned in the first book which kept it from worsening but didn’t handle it. By the time I got home, I had developed a case of hives on my legs in addition. I got worried and went to a doctor at Kaiser hospital who recommended a heavy handed remedy of some sort. I did exactly as he said for the week; the hives went away and apparently so did the poison oak – except that it came back two days after finishing the prescription! Then I made a batch of the Primal Facial Body Care Cream and started using that instead.
“The poison oak immediately stopped raging and over one week vanished completely, never to return!
“Barbara and I also used your cream to handle what would have been serious sunburn in Hawaii last year – we got NO sunburn at all!”
Jim E.,
Los Angeles”

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