Personal Health Benefits of Lymphatic Baths

I have been on the Primal Diet for almost eight years and the benefits have been many.

During the first four years on the diet, and I went on it cold turkey the day after my first consultation with Aajonus, I wasn’t taking the baths. Every time I would ask Aajonus if an ailment had improved from the prior year’s consultation, his response was, “Are you taking the baths?”. My answer was “No, not yet.” Consequently, there hadn’t been much improvement.

Shortly thereafter, I decided the time had finally come for me to “step into the bath.” I took them, regularly, three days a week for the next year and a half. At my next consultation, Aajonus was astonished at how much improvement I had made. He said that most people clear out about 2 to 2.5% congestion a year, and I had cleared out about 5%. He also mentioned that it took some people six years to accomplish what I had done in a year and a half!

I continued taking the baths up until a couple of months before seeing Aajonus for my next annual consultation. At that consultation, Aajonus expressed that I hadn’t made as much improvement over the past year and explained that the congestion was building back up because I had cut back on the frequency of my baths. Then, he recommended I take a bath every day for the next 18 months or so.

Aajonus told me a story about a client/patient who had taken baths every day for three weeks instead of the recommended three baths a week over a period of time. The client/patient had improved that much more quickly. He also told me that the food provides the nutrients and the baths create the cleansing and healing.

I’m a believer now and am once again taking baths daily. I feel so much better when I adhere to this regimen.

Nancy L.

July 16, 2014


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