If Only People Knew What They Were Missing By Judging Your Diet

Hello Aajonus,

My name is Ginger.

I was delighted to read your story in the Primal Diet book -
how you healed of so many things! It's a miracle
that you found your diet on a vision quest. Since that time, I and my
husband Daniel have begun incorporating raw meat, butter, and other
items into our diet. Recently, I read the book "Good Calories, Bad
Calories," by Gary Taubes who shared the amazing research results
from pre-1960 of a high protein and fat diet with virtually no carbs.
Seems it was a political thing (as usual!) that tarred and feathered
Dr Atkins and got funding on weight loss and diabetes funded of
course by fast food companies. It's just another example of the
corporatocracy (as John Perkins calls it in his book "Confessions of
an Economic Hit Man").

Anyway, I want to share a fun story with you. After doing a lot of
high protein-fat-raw, Daniel and I are feeling better than ever. We
recently went to the Conscious Life Expo here in LA and decided to
have a blood analysis. The fellow running the booth was probably a
vegan, very aggressive and of course horrified when he heard about
our diet, especially raw eggs. He thought we were nuts, and assumed
that we had one foot in the grave! We didn't ask for a carotid artery
scan but he insisted on giving it to us anyway, and said that he was
going to prove that our diet was terrible and we were sick. He was
salivating over giving us a big lecture on his point of view. So we
let him do it.

But surprise for him! Both of us were better than ever; Daniel at a 1
on both sides, and me a 1 on one side and a 0 buildup of plaque on
the other, about the best anyone could possibly be in their 60's.
Well, the guy who was just looking forward to convincing us that
eating raw butter and raw meat and such was killing us, suddenly
became very quiet! Our blood looked great too - no clumping and
virtually no yeast or anything nasty running around in the blood.
Even the white blood cells were in good condition. Silence.

Daniel and I just had to laugh, and we kept laughing as we visited
the booths in the rest of the show. And I thought at that time, if I
ever had a chance to share this with you, I would. If only people
knew what they were missing by judging your diet and making all those
preconceptions about diet based on ignorance.


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