PAIN: Avoiding salt helps prevent the swelling and pressure on nerves that increase pain. A very effective pain remedy has been a blended mixture of 7-8 ounces full fat raw milk, 2 ounces fresh bee pollen and 1-2 tablespoons unheated honey. Drink 2-4 ounces immediately and refrigerate remainder. Sip 1-2 tablespoons every 20 minutes until pain is gone. Shake each time before drinking. Repeat the entire procedure if pain returns.

General pain will also be alleviated by eating raw butter, or raw eggs, or any other raw fat, especially when combined with unheated honey. Eating eggs is usually necessary during pain for binding with toxins and removing them from the body. Released toxins cause swelling and therefore pain. However, sometimes eating eggs causes more detoxification, which increases or prolongs pain. If pain increases rather than decreases 20 minutes after eating eggs, stop eating eggs until pain has ceased. After pain has stopped, wait 2 days before eating eggs again.

Pain from broken bones: Alex was a seven-year-old boy who completely broke and dislocated both bones in his forearm and experienced a lot of pain. To make his pain tolerable, he ate a golfball-sized amount of fresh antibiotic-free and hormone-free ground turkey with unheated honey and unsalted raw butter, then waited 2 hours and ate some unripe banana, then waited 2 hours and ate raw turkey, honey and butter again, and 2 hours later he ate banana. He continued eating like that and within 12 hours, his pain was minimal.

Tooth pain: Eating plenty of fish and avoiding citrus and ripe fruit, avoiding exercise and avoiding strenuous activities speed this detoxification and reduce pain.
However, once when I had an excruciatingly painful toothache, to make the pain tolerable, I ate ½ cup of raw ground beef with honey and butter, waited two hours and ate ½ unripe banana. Like Alex did for broken bones, I alternated those foods continuously for eight hours until the pain subsided. If a person is acidic, eating beef can increase pain rather than alleviate it by raising the adrenaline level and blood pressure. If a person is high in adrenaline (an indication that a person is inclined to be acidic), eating beef may increase pain. Therefore, drinking full-fat raw milk blended with fresh bee pollen, and eating raw fish, butter/honey mix, and no-salt-added raw cheese mitigate pain.

Gum sensitivity is most often the result of low blood protein level accompanied by low blood sugar level. Eating plenty of unheated honey and drinking raw milk with raw meat (or within 2 hours after eating raw meat) mitigate gum pain.

Chest pains around the heart: See Angina Pectoris, page 224.

Growing pains are mitigated by drinking plenty of full-fat raw milk, and getting fresh air and sunshine.

Muscular pain: Drinking plenty of full-fat raw milk, unripe bananas, fresh raw unripe pineapple, unripe melon, non-steamed dates and figs, and plenty of raw eggs most often mitigates muscular pain.

Pain caused by fissures in the finger tips: Drinking a quart of raw cream daily for 1-2 weeks, when available, then ½ cup daily until the condition stabilizes, relieves fissures and pain. If raw cream is not available, drinking the juice of fresh whole coconut meat (raw coconut cream) mixed with unheated honey gradually relieves the pain and heals the fissures.

Pain behind the knees is often related to anemia. Eating raw meat mitigates that pain.

Pain in the temples is indicative of toxic blood. Drinking the fresh raw juice of lemons between meals mitigates that pain. See Headache, page 268.

Pains in hands and feet are very often from low blood mineral absorption. Consuming plenty of unheated honey with food and in between eating foods, most often mitigates hand and foot pain. Eating raw fish and no-salt-added raw cheeses with an equal quantity of unsalted raw butter help correct mineral balances. See Clay, page 181.

Pain in the eyes and throat is often from a cooked lactose (pasteurized milk) intolerance. Drinking full-fat raw milk mixed with plenty of unheated honey and avoiding raw eggs until pain is gone mitigate those pains. If raw milk is not available, eating raw meat and drinking the fresh raw coconut cream with unheated honey mitigates pain.

Pain from shingles: See Shingles, page 310.

General tightness in the body often occurs from deteriorated nerve coatings (myelin). Eating plenty of raw fat, raw fish and as much unheated honey as possible with all food mitigates this pain and gradually restores the myelin.

For a general pain formula that has worked for almost every type of pain, See Pain Formula in the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 15.

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