OVERWEIGHT: Being fat is not a “bad” condition. Fat storages are protective to all body systems and provide stamina. But if stored fat cannot be utilized, it can be burdensome, as it overtaxes the entire body, causes general exhaustion and may harden, causing build-ups, dryness and blockages.

Low thyroxin production often results from overweight. Overweight often results from the inability to utilize fat, resulting in dry skin and listless hair. See the suggestions for Thyroid Problem, page 315.

Overweight often results from the lack of the enzyme-mutations for eating cooked green foods. People who have that enzyme-mutation deficiency often have little white spots on the finger nails or toe nails. See If I Lack Enzyme-Mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?, page 174.

Some people who have excessive insulin production have very watery fat (if slapped, it jiggles like gelatin). The extra water in their fat dilutes the toxicity produced by excessive hormones. Two foods that are especially helpful in reducing watery fat storages are fresh raw lime juice with good mineral water, or fresh raw lemon juice with good mineral water. Raw lemons and limes alkalize the tissues and neutralize volatile substances, reducing the need for edema.

Eating 40% of the daily calories consumed as raw fat supplies the body with healthy fat that gradually cleanses the system of useless fat or fat that has bound with toxins and stored by the body. See Fat For Great Health, page 185, Appendix O, pages 145-150, and Appendix W, page 162.

For people with firm or solid corpulence, eating ½ raw unripe pineapple daily for 2 weeks supplies the liver and pancreas with the enzymes they need to remove hardened fat properly. That regime may cause over-emotionality, so be certain to consume enough raw cheese with unsalted raw butter, raw cream and lots of raw meat. It takes 2 weeks on a raw diet before the liver and pancreas are balanced enough to begin gradually removing hardened-fat storages. Years are required to cleanse those glands of hardened fat. Eating plenty of raw fat ensures that hardened fat will be removed from the body. See Edema, page 260.

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