Natural Therapy – Real Data for a Case History

Natural Therapy vs. Alternative But Not Natural - A Live Example by Aajonus

Yes, any government that backs and harbors medical mafia is as corrupt as the Nazi regime.  Abducting children and subjecting them to the toxic soups of chemo-treatments is undeniably a fascist act against freedom to healthy living.

However, I would like to point out that Selena Matthew is not receiving any natural therapy. What she is receiving may be alternative but not natural.

Vit. C intravenous drips are directly infusing nonbiological industrial-chemically produced Vit. C look-a-like. They are not using a Vit. C naturally produced by organisms. The industrial chemical "Vit. C" deprives blood and digestive tract of needed fats. Fats are necessary for the lymphatic system to dissolve dead cells.

Ozonation is an industrial process that degenerates and putrefies fats that are both free and stored  in the body, releasing some pretty toxic substances systemically.

Hydrogen-peroxide is another industrially produced chemical that is merely diluted from an industrial-cleanser concentration to an amount that will not readily show severe damage but will damage long-term.

These alternative chemo-treatments, although less harmful than medical chemo-treatments, are still harmful. They work much like medical chemo-treatments. They cause such systemic toxicity that the body stops doing anything other than handling the toxicity, including the transportation and collection of dead cells that it cannot dissolve. Thereby, half of the time, tumor(s) stop growing.

What Cancer Really Is

First, let's look at what my laboratory work with cancer reveals that cancer really is. I am a 44-years survivor of blood, bone, lymph and stomach cancers. I am the sole survivor beyond 6 months with a combination of those cancers. The treatment (pharmaceuticals and surgery) for stomach ulcer gave me stomach cancer. The treatment for stomach cancer (radiation) gave me blood and bone cancers. The treatment (chemo) for multiple myeloma gave me lymphatic cancer.

When the body's lymphatic system can no longer dissolve dead cells, the body will store the dead cells somewhere within itself, forming fibroid or various-shaped tumor(s) that may be either benign or malignant (cancerous).

Cancer is the collection of dead cells with some cancer cells interspersed within the mass of dead cells that is the tumor(s).

The cancer cells are the immediate cure. When one cancer cell dies, it releases a solvent that can dissolve as many as 200 dead cells. As cancer cells die naturally, their waste dissolves some of the dead cells that constitute the tumor(s). However, the body must have proper nutrients and lymphatic function to handle the very toxic byproduct waste. That waste can irritate, damage and dissolve healthy cells if the body does not have the proper nutrients. When you see an open wound near a cancerous site, that is the body throwing the dissolved dead-cell waste through the skin without enough fats to protect the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor(s).

The lymphatic system is responsible for dissolving most of our bodies' dead cells and placing the waste under the skin to be perspired, eliminating the waste.

The natural cure for cancer is to get the lymphatic system fed properly and working. Cancer always occurs because the lymphatic system is not fed the fats it needs to make the biological solvents necessary to dissolve dead cells, and the lymphatic system and/or skin is blocked and malnourished.

Most blockages that cause cancer are from hydrogenated-vegetable oils, and any hydrogenated oils. The hydrogenation process turns oils into liquid PLASTIC called trans-fatty acids.

The words "trans-fatty acids" should be stricken from vocabulary and the understandable term to all should be utilized:  PLASTIC OIL. 99% of all oils are hydrogenated, turning them into plastic so that shelf-life is almost eternal as long as it remains in the container.

There is a falsehood about oils in everything. Labels claim food does not contain trans-fatty acids but if it was fried, it is a lie. The food-manufacturers that use the oils do not hydrogenate the oils but use oils that were already hydrogenated. Nearly every donut, chip, French fry as well as every fried food in every market, even the health-food stores, are fried in plastic oils. They are replete with plastic oils, plastic fat. To use truly natural cold-pressed oils would reduce profits to minimal.

Plastic oil is nearly impossible to remove from most bodies without exceptional "natural" therapies. I use quotes for natural therapies because disease is not natural. Therefore, the therapies are not technically natural.

In my laboratory work, the only way to rid the body of plastic fats that have solidified in the body was to have people soak for 90 minutes daily in a hot bath that is 105-110 degrees F. everyday prior to bedtime for at least 20 years.

Additionally, consuming truly raw cold-pressed oils that have not exceeded temperatures of 96 degrees F. provides the body with fats to make solvents to dissolve dead cells.

In my experiments with over 3,000 people, the most effective fat for this, was coconut cream. Coconut cream is the juice from the hard pulp of mature coconut meat. That is, you grind and juice fresh mature coconut meat, separating the pulp from the cream.

All supposedly raw forms of coconut cream sold in any market are not really raw.

To be effective, coconut cream must be very fragile and ferment easily, within hours at room temperature. Any store-bought coconut cream is processed and is not delicate or easily fermentable. Fermentation is the process that makes the coconut cream most effective for dissolving dead cells, that is dissolving tumor(s).

If Selena wants truly "natural" therapies rather than alternative chemical treatments, she should stop the Vit. C IVs, ozone and hydrogen-peroxide treatments which are not therapies, and utilize truly "natural" therapies.

Submitted by Aajonus


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