Muscle cramp

MUSCLE CRAMP (“Charley Horse”) is a muscle contraction, or spasm, that is most often painful. Arch your foot or hand backward while gently rubbing your leg or arm. There are a variety of deficiencies that cause cramps, but usually cramps occur when there are high concentrations of uric acid in the muscle accompanied with low blood fat or sugar or mineral levels. Eating concentrated carbohydrate foods without fat can cause cramps in hand, legs and feet.

Eating a combination of fresh raw unripe fruit (especially banana or pineapple or melon or tomato), raw fat, unheated honey and no-salt-added raw cheese quickly alleviates cramps. Or drinking 6-8 ounces of raw milk blended with 2 ounces bee pollen, or fresh raw juice blended with 2 ounces bee pollen or good mineral water blended with 3 tablespoons grated fresh raw ginger root quickly alleviates cramps.
See Clay, page 181. Simply drinking ½-1 cup raw cream eases a cramp.

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