Most of the symptoms have disappeared on the Primal Diet

Original complaints:
periodic constipation-diarrhea
lump on right breast
by-pass surgery 1996, 3-way, one failed within a month
congestive heart failure, angina, high blood pressure
cataract on right eye, very small, no problem yet
arteriosclerosis, pounding heart, expecially at night
thyroid over-active, adrenals, ovaries also
itchy, dry skin, eyes, scalp, ears, nose
swelling expecially left leg, fingers
nervousness, agitation
fatigue, lassitude and constipation or diarrhea.
Now, sore stomach gone, lump in right breast largely gone,
taking half the meds with no problem, hypoglycemia under control, pounding heart has lessened, blood count normal,
Thyroid over-active under control, skin has stopped itching for the most part, dryness is almost gone, nervousness and agitation much less of a problem
Plenty of energy to do whatever I want.
As you can see from the above lists of symptoms, after five months on the Primal Diet, most of the symptoms have disappeared all together, or are much diminished. The nervousness and agitation I experienced before I went on the Primal Diet has abated to a great degree. I feel calm and at ease. My heart feels relaxed and not under stress.
– Donna, 62
San Diego, CA

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