Tried Various Methods of Healing and Found Them Wanting…

The Primal Diet literature… has been the most influential and single most important discovery of my dietary evolution.

I have tried many of the various methods of healing and found them wanting. They helped temporarily, or not at all. I have tried

  • macro-biotic diets,
  • vegetarian diets,
  • chelation therapy,
  • supplements by the thousands of dollars, and
  • prescription medicines.

None of them did anything for my health, until you.

So I have been following your dietary plan since January of this year people all said I looked very much improved over last year. I haven’t felt this good for years. Thank you. Those who feel that some other plan is better haven’t really given your plan a fair trial, or are easily influenced. Your diet requires much self-discipline but is worth it to keep going as strength soon comes, and energy increases.
– Donna
La Jolla, CA

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