Mental Focus and Clarity

“I appreciate the commonsense, and education you are imparting.  Many of my misconceptions are being challenged by your thinking.

“I welcomed the virus this time as I understood it was a time for cleaning house,and removing dead or dying cells. I have been taking ginger & lemon to clear up the congestion that settled in my lungs, and it slowly and surely is clearing it up.  I also have been consuming more live eggs.

“I have a very bad memory with numbers and names.  I remember concepts, but cannot recount them fully, and can never remember telephone numbers, even after having dialed that numbers everyday for months.  Recently however I surprised my self, I feel as if my memory is clearing up.  I also have for quite some time not been able to read as my mind would just not focus on the material.  I now am finding that I can keep my attention on the material.  This is very exciting to me.”

Thank you for being there.

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