Menopause Can Go Well

Women Going Through Menopause

Q: What about hormones for women going through menopause, if we even get enough estrogen..

A: I said in my book that a hormone change is a hormonal change, you're going to use your hormones in a different way. Rather than having menstruation and creating ova, you're now going to be able to use your hormones for the rest of your own good. Not for anybody else's. If you're eating properly, that change over will go fine. If you're not, its not going to go well. Or if you've got tremendous amounts of toxins, like Kathy back there, I think she had the heat flashes for like 10 years.

Q: Oh my god. Once you remove something. It's going to get increasing more. But you're taking something out that's not suppose to be out in the first place.

A: Well that's not true. When you go through menopause you're just changing over the usage.

Q: No, I know. But I had a surgery.

A: Oh you did.

Q: So I have more toxins in that than everybody.


A: Exactly, so she's the only person I know that's gone through a hard menopause – the only one - and I have thousands

Q: I didn't even know.

A: Most women have no idea.

Q: When you go through surgery its another story altogether because they're losing chemicals in the body.

A: Absolutely! … and they go down there in the ovaries or in that area. You're going to be having those symptoms because it'll be clearing out those hormones, those toxins that are related to those glands and not only changing over to a new way of utilizing them. OK? Melons are good. Bananas with sour cream and cheese would help get through that. I wish I had known that when I was helping you Kathy but I didn't.

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