Medicines, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes Replaced By Diet

When I started on the Primal Diet as you lay it out in your book, I could not sleep more than a few hours at a time. I was taking two blood pressure medicines per day and about $1100 per month worth of vitamins, minerals and food supplements. I had to take four digestive enzymes per meal in order not to have a stomach ache after the meal, especially after dinner. I had a great deal of concern about my body in the form of worry. Most important of all, I was not able to engage in a spiritual activity I wanted to be a part of. Now and for a long time [on the diet], I do not take blood pressure medicine at all, I don’t have attention on my body in a negative sense, I don’t take any vitamins and minerals or food supplements, I digest my food well with no digestive enzymes or any other help. That is a huge change for me. Most of all, I am able, with no special actions required whatsoever, to engage in my spiritual activities whenever I need and want. This is the biggest gift of all. Overall, I am doing very well on your diet. I am winning.
– John

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