Lyme disease

LYME DISEASE seems to be another smokescreen to blame nature for disease that is actually created by accumulated toxicity from medical and industrial chemicals, and poor diets. There are only conflicting reports and far-fetched stretches of scientific fantasy that support claims that Lyme Disease exists and comes from ticks. The debilitating symptoms that are attributed to Lyme Disease are common symptoms of severe toxicity. Since the medical community is unwilling to acknowledge that medicine and industry cause most diseases, they search for any relationship between us and other creatures. If they find anything similar, they vigorously attempt to blame that for a disease that they have no success identifying, labeling and treating.

Many desperate people believe the medical community’s weak explanations of the varied tests for and symptoms of Lyme Disease and accept poisonous medication. I have observed approximately 14 people who were medically diagnosed with Lyme Disease and adhered to the Primal Diet. All of them reversed their symptoms within 2½ years. Most felt much better within 3 months on the balanced Primal Diet. See the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12 for balanced diet.

If you truly have an allergy to the saliva of a tick, following the recommendations for bites would help. Also, blend a mixture of 10 ounces of lime juice, 10 ounces unheated honey and 3½ ounces of raw cream or never-heated-above-96º Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil or stone-pressed olive oil. Drinking 4 ounces at a time every 3-4 hours daily for 10 days usually resolves any allergy to insect fluids.

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