I No Longer Accept That Disease Is the Way of Living…

Healing and Health Issues

I've come to realize: start with food issues. I've done meditations, sports, etc., but none has done me a greater service than what I put into my body. Once I started to change my attitudes toward food, my health vastly improved.

I started this journey when my girlfriend suggested I check out [a site displaying your books] because she intuited some sort of affinity. I found out about this ascended master on [the site] and read some of the solstice channelings. Some of the teachings are too esoteric for me to comprehend, but what resonated was... advice to study and absorb the spiritual nature of food. Food that's cooked has little or no spiritual nurturing for us. You go to a supermarket and you can sense the elevated vibrations of the produce section and the low or dead vibrations of the refrigerated or processed foods sections. [The site] repeatedly points to the book We want to live, by Aajonus Vonderplanitz (rawmilk.org), which I finally ordered last Spring. It's become the most studied book I've had. I turn to it for any healing crisis I have and I've not visited a regular physician since I opened the book.

After a workshop and private session with Vonderplanitz,

I was onto my new food schedule. Weaned of coffee and alcohol, I found immediate health benefits in this new diet. The chronic health problems were gone over night and returned quickly when I didn't have access to my green juice during the week of moving into my house last month. Headaches though continued to flare up during stressful periods, but they now seem to have vanished, after I got my almgam fillings pulled a few weeks ago. John Butler, my healer in Syracuse, suggested I should get my teeth cleaned out now and not wait till I am healthier.
Right now, I am detoxing from mercury buildup and my lower back hurts a little, understandably. Some mercury leached into the body when the fillings were replaced (with plastic composites). Studies (with sheep) have shown that amalgam fillings leach into the body continuously, especially with hot beverages and foods. The kidney and the brain absorb the toxic metals, and I suspect now that many of us with lower back pain and/or urinary problems are fighting mercury poisoning. My back pain has been very subdued or vanished despite the mercury buildup in the kidneys due to the cilanthro I put in the green juice and the butter or coconut cream I eat with the juice. The fat traps the loosened mercury (made volatile by cilantro) and flushes it out of the body. Hot baths (with Epsom salt and baking soda for 22 minutes) help deal with flushing out radiation contamination and toxic metal through the skin, as does vigorous exercise.

Medical Myths

This raw foods diet dispels several medical myths and gives us tools to preach these new values:
1. fat is good: raw butter, raw coconut cream (homemade, with Greenstar juicer), raw avocados all are vital to build healthy fat cells in the body and strengthen the liver
2. eggs are great: raw eggs and lots of them heal during health crisis, take down swellings and flush out toxins. Forget the cholesterol scare.
3. eat starch in moderation: Aajonus suspects that my mother's heavy starch diet contributed to discoloring my eyes to brown. Now with this diet, the attempt is to bring them back to blue. Aajonus advises to eat a soft nut meal (ground nuts) only once a week.
4. raw [food] is an excellent source for healing.
5. raw milk is the best: this gets to the crux of our modern neurosis, that all milk and juices, etc., have to be processed, pasteurized and homogenized. Once I started drinking raw milk my teeth and gum pains disappeared.
6. green juices are beneficial: it's hard for our stomach to absorb raw vegetables, such as salads, especially cucumbers because they are high in fibers. With a Greenstar Juicer or other model that separates fiber and juice, we get a high energy drink; no need for coffee; well, I still retain my weakness for teas, even though I know full well that they make the body acidic.

I no longer accept that disease is the way of living, especially into old age.

I started on this new diet - and I have never followed any strict diet plan before -when I realized that quite a few of my friends had contracted cancer and some died because, as I suspected, of using chemotherapy. Given my own protracted health problems which could only be stabilized with antibiotics, I grew impatient and ask for new holistic perspectives. I no longer accept that disease is the way of living, especially into old age, I am no longer scared of cancers because I know that there's a way to reverse it, and it's not advertised by the medical establishment that pushes chemical treatment. Aajonus has been dubbed the guru of the 'underground raw milk movement' by the Wall Street Journal. They are taking note of us. Let's not be deterred by it, but convince ourselves to overcome fears and walk lightly on a new path of healthfulness.

Mecke N., Cortland, New York


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