Living experience on a raw food farm – Who is who

Albert Fischer: 25 years old at the time I was staying with him. He was about 5’6”, thin and brown hair and beard with reddish streaks in it. I first met him at a Weston Price Conference on Long Island where he had a booth selling his raw dairy products. I was so impressed with the quality of his food and his views on life I asked him if I could intern with him for a month. He said, “Yes” and that is where The Amish Diaries began. Albert was a very driven yet caring man. He had a lot of weight on his shoulders. His father had given him a farm down the road to manage. He was in charge of everything; the cows, chickens, horses, pigs and repairs. He saw raw dairy as a way to better the life and health of him and his family and was willing to work as hard as he needed to get it. When I was there, it became the norm to skip lunch entirely and just do 2 meals a day, there was too much work to be done. Even though he was surrounded by stress, he was still a good man and would help anyone that he would meet.

Marie Fischer: Alberts wife and mother of three daughters; Lucy and Lisa (twins) and Barbie. Albert and her had met in their church group and it was love at first site. She was a Jack of all Trades, like most Amish women. She could cook, clean, butcher chickens, watch the children and still have dinner ready on time. She always felt that Albert worked to hard and wish he would spend more time with the children. She was understanding though and was always there to support him. She was very accomadating to me too, always making sure that my sheets were clean and that I was comfortable.

Lucy and Lisa Fischer: Albert and Marie’s twins, a year and a half old when I was there. Short and cute, they looked like 2 baby Amish dolls. They only spoke Pennslyvania Dutch and did not understand my English too well. It freaked them out a little to have a 6 foot tall California dude live with them and sleep in their bedroom, but they handled it pretty well. Lucy was shyer than Lisa. They were definitely mommy’s and daddy’s girls, they knew how to work their parents. At times they would whine and cry so much it would drive me crazy, I loved them though.

Peter Fischer: Albert’s Father, about 50 years old and shorter than Amos. He walked stiffy and had peppered hair and a gray beard. He looked like a miniature Gandalf from Lord of The Rings or a tall dwarf. He was nice and always polite, he would always tell me that he was glad I was around. He was the one who first got the family into the raw dairy business. He had attended a talk by Sally Fallon (Weston Price Foundation) that she gave about raw milk and decided that he wanted to start selling it.

Naomi Fischer: Albert’s younger sister, about 14 years old. She had fire engine, red hair and a personality to match. Adults would continually remark on how smart she was and I saw it to. She was very capable, able to do long, hard farm work without complaining. She was always a match for me in ping pong

Susan Fischer: Albert’s younger sister, about 14 years old. She was a little bit shyer than Naomi and just as hard as a worker. We generally did not spend too much time together.

George Fischer: Albert’s younger brother, about 16 years old, he looked like a little Prince Valiant with his haircut. Like the rest of Albert’s younger siblings, I was impressed by how smart and hardworking he was. Whenever there was free time, we would sneak away and get in a couple of rounds of ping-pong (during which he would usually beat me). He had a lot of temptation. He was entering rumspringa (Amish rite of passage) and many of his friends were starting to drink and party. He was always cool though, the worst I ever saw him do was listen to Christian country music on his secret boombox or watch a football game at a friend's house.

Barbie Fischer: Albert’s younger sister, about 21 years old. Albert’s youngest daughter, Barbie, was named after her. I didn’t spend to much time with her. She had just gotten married and was busy with the preparations. She looked the most like her mom.

Peter Fischer: Albert’s father, about 50 years old, long grey beard. He looked like either a short Gandalf or a tall dwarf. He had a stiff walk, which was something I’ve seen among a lot of other elderly Amish farmers. I could tell that he worked hard his entire life and his body had paid for it. He was always very kind to me and wished that I could have hung around longer. Even though he was dedicated to sustainable farming, I found it ironic that he would have highly questionable foods in his kitchen.

Elizabeth Fischer: Albert’s mom, about 50 years old. She was short, stooped over, grey hair and had non-beauty mark moles with hairs growing out of them on her face. She was slightly hard of hearing and a little senile. She was generally very serious but I could always manage to get a smile out of her I could tell that she is definitely a farmer’s wife and had led a grueling life. She might have been pretty once, but time had not been kind. She was a foreshadowing for her daughters; they might be pretty now, but give them 20 years and watch out!

Homer and Lisa Adams: Homer was the quintessential successful sexy Amish man. Tall, handsome, kind and a beautiful family, he seemed to have it all. His farm was a big contrast from Albert’s where the energy was generally more stressful. He had an all Jersey herd that produced incredible dairy; he grew vegetables as well. He and his wife Lisa had two boys. Lisa was one of the main reasons that they started getting into a healthier lifestyle. She had poor health much of her life; raw dairy and unprocessed foods are helping her recover.

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