Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 22

Day 22 1/3/05

Albert’s mom doesn’t care about what Albert and Peter are doing with the raw milk and would rather just have Organic Valley pick up the milk like it used to. They all still eat pretty badly. Shortening, white flour, bad oils, really crappy bread. His mom still buys cream cheese at the supermarket when they make their own. They are literally surrounded by some of the greatest food on the planet and they still eat like crap. It angers and mystifies me at the same time. I want to change it all, I constantly have to remind myself to step back and to not get attached.

It was still really warm today. Overcast, sprinkled a little bit. We got six new Jerseys in today. They’re gorgeous. One is speckled all over. I don’t even miss the old ones now. Cows act a lot like dogs, they lick themselves everywhere with their long tongues, they scratch their heads with their hooves, they poop all over each other, it’s great. One cow today was turning around and started pooping all over a cow that was laying down, they both seemed oblivious to it.

I ate some raw, unfrozen, veal liver today. It made me gag like all the other times I’ve eaten raw liver, it felt really good. I felt like I might get sick the first 20 minutes, then I got that same familiar burst of energy. I hate liver, love its effects. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to like the taste. Breakfast was eggs, kale, fermented vegetables, orange juice and kvass. Midday snack was liver, cream and honey. Dinner was pizza on spelt bread, awesome beef stew, fermented stuff.

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