Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 16

Day 16 12/28/04

Today was a good day.

I guess I find myself constantly trying to not get involved. Albert and Marie listen to a lot of my advice about their lifestyle and their business. They’re doing better, healthwise than 99% of the population and there is still room for improvement. I’m getting emotionally attached, I need to step back. I need to just sit and observe and not try to make it "Nate’s Perfect Amish Organic Farm."

I sat around a lot. I helped Albert pack a little. I’m pretty good at cutting the cheese into 1 lb blocks. I usually get right around one pound when I cut. They need a cheese knife bad. I’m cutting a 14 inch in diameter and six inch think block of cheddar on a cutting board the size of 2 decks of playing cards with a dull knife that bends like rubber.

I finally got my Vedic astrology books. I think Elizabeth is going senile. I asked if she could look for them today and she said she wouldn’t look for them but hopefully at sometime during the day, her memory will be jogged and she will remember where she put them. I knew she never would have found them so I told Albert that she was being difficult. He talked to her and told her how I was disappointed in her. 5 minutes late, my books are on the counter. They were in the attic. I knew it would work.

We had to go to Homer Adams today to make ice cream. Albert also needed some chickens slaughtered so we tied a wagon containing 30 chickens in boxes to the back of the buggy and head to Homer’s. I felt uncomfortable doing this. It’s one thing to ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar, or to stop by unexpectedly. I felt uncomfortable saying, “Hey, we know we asked to make ice cream today with your equipment. Can we also slaughter, de-feather, skin, and gut 30 chickens using your facilities without any notice?” It didn’t work out thank god because Homer was using the hot water thing you dip the chickens in to get the feathers off easy to make cottage cheese. Peter and I would have been there for hours.

We were on the way to Homer’s and Peter asked how long I was staying for. I said till about Mid January. He thought it over and said I should see if I could stay another month or so. At first that made me suspicious (why am I so negative?) Immediately I thought, “Oh, it’s because they need help and they want me for free labor.” I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way.

On the way home we stepped by Fischer’s Health food store, which is a health food store run by the Amish so I could get some fruit and show Marie what Rapadura (unrefined cane sugar) is. We were riding back, I offered Peter an apple. He said, “No, it’s your and you paid for it.” I said, “Yeah, but I like to share.” He said something along the lines that I’m sharing a lot by helping out, and that they’re glad that I am here etc. I was touched and not that suspicious.

We were milking the cows at night and John, Albert’s brother was hanging out. He said that I’m doing a good job, etc. It was like “Stroke Nathan’s Ego Night”. That part made me feel good. I didn’t feel so good when I called my mom. She’s stressed because UPS can’t find one of my packages, and I messed up and sent them in a way that cost about a hundred dollars more. She was upset because she said we’re living on borrowed money right now. I don’t want my parents to be poor or be in debt. I want them to have money and not have to worry; they are such wonderful people who have helped so many no matter how little they have had. They have always looked out for me. I want to make money so they can have money. I need to figure that out. How I can help people and make money? I know I will. Vedic Astrology will help with figuring that out. Ben (my cousin) is saying that astrologically, I am right on and doing exactly what I need to. We need to both figure out what we need to do to help our moms. He feels the same way about his mom. Plus, the tsunami thing happened where so far 60,000 people have died. That is a bummer.

For breakfast, I had an avocado with lettuce, butter, bacon, eggs, cream and sauerkraut. Marie had some sauerkraut this morning and said she liked it. I knew she would come around. Dinner was spareribs with super fatty meat and bones that were soft as French fries. I ate mostly the bones. I love marrow. Mashed potatoes and green beans and carrots. I just had some whey. I love whey. Oh yeah, I ate an apple with dinner too. “Dang-A” (Thank you).

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