Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 15

Day 15 12/27/04

I have been her exactly two weeks.

Time really goes slow when you’re not sleeping through it. I spend a lot of waking hours with these people. I got a chance to make breakfast today. I made eggs frittata with cheese, bacon, onion and garlic and spices. I really need to get some good fresh herbs; it would make things really good. They loved it, it tasted really good.

I tried to make another dessert with just cream and eggs. It just doesn’t work. I followed a recipe in the Wise Traditions catalogue and still didn’t come out like I wanted it. It seems too eggy and firm. I need some advice. They loved it though. Lucy was fawning over it. She was hanging out right by me on the couch. I would give her a spoonful... Her teeth would touch the metal of the spoon and make a clicking sound. She would take a bite, look away, then stand on her tippy toes to see if there was more. I would say, “Me?” (like “may”) which means “more” in German. She wanted a lot “me”. They started smiling and laughing, they’re not afraid of me anymore. I really want kids. Lucy and Lisa make me want to have kids.

I was really lazy today. Just hung out. Took a midday 1-2 hour nap. It was extremely cold and windy today. It was so cold that I didn’t want to breathe through my mouth because it made my teeth cold. The guy who delivered the chicken feed today said it was minus 15 with the wind chill. We were joking about the bull, it came after him once too. He said he’s a city boy and he can’t tell the difference between male or female. I asked what city, he said “New York.” I told him I had just come from there. He said he was there on 9/11. He said the fire ball was beautiful and ugly at the same time. He said it felt like someone threw an M-80 at his feet. He was going to say more, then had to go help the other guy in the truck. The name of the company was Schreck and sons, I wonder if he was one of the sons and they were brothers. They both had narrow faces and squished, lower 3rd of the face.

Elizabeth still hasn’t found my Vedic Astrology books yet. I told her the books are about stars. I didn’t want to tell her it was astrology because I though she might not like that. She started getting suspicious, she said, “Like using stars to tell time?” I said, “I don’t think so.” I like messing with her, not in a mean way. I like to joke around with her a lot to make her laugh and smile.

For breakfast I had scrapple, egg frittata, sauerkraut and a pear. Lunch was cheese, sauerkraut, another pear and cream. Dinner was creamed corn, veal, lard made French fries, sauerkraut, homemade ketchup. They ate the dessert, chocolate vanilla custard or whatever it is.

I was cleaning the gutter with Marie tonight, she kept saying “Gouda Gao,” (Good Horsey). I was pulling the shovel. They call me “The Horse” a lot. Jersey cows are so cute. The tan one we have is adorable. Short, big puppy dog brown eyes, and really fat, like pregnant fat, she’s not pregnant though. Holsteins are a little more scary, they’re huge. If cows played basketball, Holsteins would have a definite advantage.

I’m letting Albert use my cell phone tonight, it’s really cold and lonely at the phone on the road. I want him to be able to spend time with his family more at night. I have free minutes after 9pm and on weekends. I hope I’m not being a bad influence. He just came in and asked how to use my phone. He said he thinks he dialed my mom by mistake. I think he called Diane (my girlfriend). This is funny.

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