Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 14

Day 14 12/26/04

It’s the day after Christmas.
I slept on the couch by the heater this morning it was extremely hot. I would have slept naked, which would have been fine because they aren’t coming back till this afternoon. I feel weird in sleeping naked in an Amish living room. Like I’m going to go to hell or something. I won’t though. My throat is really dry and scratchy, the heater is really hot and dry.

I’m being very lazy today. I’m just hanging out reading and eating. I’m not really too bored though, now that I’m working really hard, I don’t get too bored on my off time. I don’t miss T.V., radio, electricity at all. Especially electricity. I don’t miss it at all. I love propane. I go to sleep in 5 minutes now since there is no artificial light or very little to keep me up.

I got some books sent up here on Dec 13. I told Albert to tell his family about it so they would know they are for me. I don’t think he did. I was talking to Elizabeth and she just remembered it. She kept saying, “I thought what for these books?” over and over. Albert and I were laughing. The books are about vedic astrology, so she had no idea what they were. I told her they are about stars. She’s funny and sweet. She gave me a footstool as a Christmas present. Her mom made it. It’s seven large aluminum juice cans wrapped in velvet with a pattern of birds on top. She made me write a return address on it in case I lost it. I told her I’d make a chocolate cake for her. She said that’s not the deal, and I told her that if I didn’t remember the footstool, I’d make her a cake anyways.

George called and left a message on my cell phone today. I called him back. He said he was watching a Falcons game with a friend. I don’t think he is supposed to be doing that, I didn’t say anything.

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