Liver problems

LIVER PROBLEMS: Alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, sodas, coffees and teas complicate liver problems and should not be consumed.

Eating ½ pound nonsteamed dates with 12 tablespoons unsalted raw butter or with 1 cup raw cream or with 9 tablespoons never-heated-above-96º Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil or stone-pressed olive oil each day until problems cease, helps the liver work easier. (Dates and oil can be eaten together or at separate times.) Then eating plenty of unheated honey with everything, and in between, supplies the liver with plenty of enzymes for its work. Eating 10-15 raw tomatoes for 1-2 days weekly alkalizes the liver. Normally, eating a balanced raw diet with plenty of raw meat over many years rebuilds the liver.

When feeling nauseous, it is helpful to eat 1-2 teaspoons of no-salt-added raw unheated cheese with an equal quantity of fat, especially unsalted raw butter every 2-3 hours.

See suggestions for Cirrhosis of the Liver, page 248, and Hepatitis, page 271.

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