Live Without Disease

Four volumes in one raw food book present raw food diet secrets uncovered in years of research of health and reversing disease.

Health - What Is It?

Volume One discusses what health IS, where diseases and toxicity come from and what is safe and natural for human digestion.

143 Delicious and Healthy Raw Recipes

Volume Two of The Recipe for Living Without Disease gives 143 delicious raw food diet recipes that have improved health and reversed diseases among thousands of people.

This book IS the raw food diet plan. Weight loss diet recommendations are included.

Volume Two also includes (p.39) the recommended percentages (fats, carbo's, meat, juice) of daily intake.

Why Raw?

Volume Three of The Recipe for Living Without Disease explains in understandable terms our digestive abilities, the effects of cooking and processing, the dangers of nutritional supplements and the myths of cholesterol concerns.

Discover Facts Often Ignored in Today's World

Volume Four of The Recipe for Living Without Disease tells the ignored facts about why diseases are so prominent today and how we can reverse them once we learn the causes. For example, do you know  the temperature above which honey begins to turn to sugar?

Find how to:

*purchase high quality fresh raw foods, rich in enzymes and natural vitamins

*recognize how foods are processed

*live each day looking forward to your next meal (instead of trying all day to digest the last one).

*see how it all works; discover the amazing facts of the body that enable us to achieve optimum states of health

*make healthful raw food delicacies such as French Vanilla ice cream, Mint Fudge Parfait or Hollandaise Sauce without any of the many toxins of fattening conventional preparations.

*create definitive meal plans

*combine foods in simple, easy ways with very few restrictions

*prepare recipes for one person or many

*understand the truth vs the myth of bacteria with scientific references

To find out for yourself, click here.

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