LICE: There are several ways of dealing with these little creatures. It is difficult to ascertain which will work for whom. Use your instincts and intuition.

Vigorously oiling the body, especially the hairy areas, with a mixture of 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar with 4 tablespoons unheated-above-below-96º Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil or stone-pressed olive oil or cold-pressed-below-96° Fahrenheit flax oil, and leaving it on thickly for several hours and then wiping excess (without washing) and leaving it on for twenty-four hours smothers lice and retards the eggs from hatching. (Clothes and bed sheets might get stained.) After twenty-four hours, slicing the oily part of the rind of a lime, eliminating the white pulp, and juicing or blending the rind with the meat of the lime, and then rubbing the oily lime juice over the entire body, vigorously over hairy areas, removes lice and eggs.

In case the oil and lime don’t work, simply applying urine three times daily without washing at all for twenty-four hours gets rid of lice and eggs easily. (The odor can be endured.)

The standard chemical attack of poisoning the skin along with the lice may be easier for some people but I certainly do not recommend it. If you use a chemical to rid lice, after use, rinse with a mixture of ½ cup raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and 4 cups water to remove the loose chemical. Then whip 2-3 raw eggs and vigorously rub the eggs into the skin and let them remain on the skin for 20-40 minutes; the eggs will absorb some of the chemical poison that has penetrated the skin. Rinse again with the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Then apply unheated-above-96º Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil or stone-pressed olive oil to help soothe chemically poisoned and burned skin.

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