Letting Go of Negative Thinking and Fear…

“Thanks, to all of you for the loving thoughts and prayers. Just to let everyone know, I am doing well on a diet consisting of letting go of negative thinking and fear, and eating mostly raw foods (including lots of vegetable and fruit juicing–using fresh organic fruits and vegetables and doing my own juicing).

“So far, after less than 30 days on the diet (and not following it as strictly as perhaps I should), I have almost totally cleared a case of psoriasis which I have had on my ankles, knees, hands, ears and elbows for over 15 years. Also, it seems that my blood pressure is normalizing so that I will not have to take b/p medications which I have been on for about 10 years.

“Positive affirmations of Love’s healing power are very helpful and I am continuing to daily improve my patterns of thinking so that I feel much better mentally and physically. Still work to do yet, but God is doing the biggest part of it. ”

Thanks again for your love and prayers.

Stan H.

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