Leaky Gut – wasting away but now getting stronger on the Primal Diet!


I started the Primal Diet back in Jan 2013. While doing research on the internet I came across an interview Aajonus had done online. His ideas made sense to me so I bought both of his books and started the diet. Prior to starting the Primal diet I was in very bad shape. I had been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and various auto immune disease. The diagnosis where from both mainstream and alternative practitioners. After using Aajonus's protocol for 8 months as instructed in "The Recipe for Living without Disease" my life has changed dramatically. Before the primal diet I was so broken down by sickness that I could not work or hardly take care of myself at all. I had been on a merry-go-round of over 8 medications and felt like I was 100 years old and I'm only 42. After only three months on the primal diet my health started to rapidly improve and I was able to get off all the medications. It was crazy how fast things started turning around for me. You have to understand that I thought I was going to just waste away and die. I am very excited because I am getting stronger every day on the primal diet.

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